Poverty; a curse.
A disease;
A stinking contagious disease.
It can pass from generation to generation.
Poverty humbles you
Humiliates you
Makes you sing the praises of the one you absolutely abhor
Poverty makes you do things, you ordinarily wouldn’t have done
Poverty can make you accept wrong as right
Blind your eyes to things that matter
Poverty can make you wish you weren’t born
Poverty can either make you think
Too highly of yourself
Or too low of yourself
Poverty will either bring out the best in you
Or the worst in you
Poverty can be a true test of character
It can make you question your beliefs and
Your faith
Poverty is the number one cause of depression
Poverty can make you commit suicide
Poverty can be recognized in thoughts, actions, and speech.
You can see poverty in people, the environment.
Poverty is not necessarily the absence of money,
But an underlying believe that money will forever be scarce.
The funny thing is, what brings this belief
Is the overstretch of long overdue poverty
Long after it gone, poverty can make you feel like
It’s still there
Because it overstayed it’s welcome
When it should have left long ago
Whatever you do
Make the decision never
To be poor
And to break the cycle of poverty.

Image Source:tvcontinental.tv

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