I just spent the last few days  hours reading “29 Single and Nigerian”. It’s a book by Naija single girl, she’s an anonymous blogger. I got to know about the book when Okada books did a review on it on Bella Naija.

The reviews I read about the book and her blog were nice; in fact, all the reviews I read about the book were great, so I told myself, babe, you must read this book.

Off I went to Okada books and bought the book and then I started reading. I couldn’t put the book down; I stayed awake up till 1am reading the book until I was done. It is such a great read.

The book is very relatable; maybe because I’m 28 single and Nigerian (LMAO), but really if you are like me that has being pressurized to marry, have gone through depression, lack, then the book would resonate with you too.

When you think, you are the only one experiencing your type of situation; forget it, there are millions of people who have gone through, going through, will go through whatever it is you’re experiencing.

I believe the book “29 Single and Nigerian” is the voice of a lot of us; single girls in Nigeria. While reading the book, I was visualizing the story, putting up faces and scenes. It felt like I was watching a movie; the book is that good. I wish I could turn this book into a movie.

The book tells the story of Edikan, her rise from poverty, her joblessness and her search for love. When she finally found love with George, their love story seemed too good to be true, and I knew her joy wouldn’t last long. Her problems were many, she never defined the relationship with George, she was ignoring the voice of her conscience by having sex with him, and she made George like a god in her mind.

This bring me to, never make any man a god, an idol or a prize, many a times when we ladies do that, we let down our guard; do things we ordinarily wouldn’t do, throw caution to the wind and carry on, like without the man in our lives we are nobody.

Also, listen to your conscience, sometimes when God is trying to get our attention without luck, he speaks to us through the voice of our conscience. Always listen to it, the Holy Spirit was convicting her of having premarital sex but she had made George a god and a prize that had to be won at all cost.

Also, don’t allow pressure force you into making decisions that you ordinarily wouldn’t make. I have faced intense and countless pressure to marry, but I know that marriage is too serious a decision to make one carelessly, moreover it is a lifelong contract I wouldn’t marry simply because someone is saying I should marry. The best time to make a decision of marriage is not when you are under pressure.

Another reason why this book resonates so much with me, don’t disregard the little things, for example, she kept a diary that she wrote all of her life’s happenings, never knowing that diary would be her ticket to destiny. I used to keep a diary, but I’m not so faithful at it, I started this blog because I wanted a space where I could record the chronicles of my life. To have the gift of writing is an amazing blessing from God, and you may not realize it now, but you don’t know which of your piece would be the point of blessing.

While reading the book, when I got to the part of her sexual escapades with George, I was getting a bit discouraged, because I am team No Premarital Sex, but I never knew I was in for a surprise. I didn’t see the part of her conversion and salvation coming at all, and I think that’s what a good book does; its ability to keep you on the edge of your seat without giving anything away.

I recommend this book for every young lady, why? To make you wise. There was a part in the book where Edikan as a teenager went on a date with an older young adult. While reading that part, I just knew he wanted to rape her. When growing up, one of my aunties told me; “Don’t go to the house of a man you aren’t married to”, a guy even echoed the same thing. He said you never know what the man is capable of.

Also to young people/graduates, you may not get your dream job when you want it. When I was serving, I was always of the opinion that immediately after service, I would get a job. I never envisaged that I would wait for a whole two (2) solid years before getting one. Reading this book will readjust your expectations.

Parents also need to read this book, so they can know where their pressures lead to, and the unnecessary burden of expectation they place on their kids.

I would like to commend Okada books for the platform they’ve given to writers in Nigeria, an opportunity to showcase their works.

To get a copy of this book, kindly download Okadabooks app (in case you haven’t).

I would like to end on this note, never give up on your dreams, keep writing, keep pushing, keep praying, keep working, at the time you least expect, you would see your dreams being fulfilled.

Have you read this book? Kindly let us know what you think about the book.

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