So I have spent the better part of November in Lagos: The City of Excellence. Where did all the time go? When did I start my leave that’s it’s almost over? I wish I could start this leave all over again, lol. But that’s exactly how I feel.

Anyway, for the few days, I have spent in Lagos; I would like to point some few things I have noticed about this busy megacity.

1.    Lagosians are very enterprising, almost everywhere you turn, there’s a shop or a business; no matter how small. I love this about them. It’s almost impossible to be idle in this town, except you’re extremely lazy. There’s something to be done or sold.

2.    To drive in this city, you need a little bit of craziness, lol. But seriously, you just have to marvel at the way some people drive, especially danfo or keke drivers. Sometimes you think whether they’re high on something.

3.    In Lagos, nobody likes to be taken for granted. In fact, you just have to shine your eyes, if people think you are quiet or look gentle; you are easily taken for granted. To survive in this city, you have to be sharp and be wise.

4.    With all due respect to everyone who lives in this city, I noticed lots of indecent dressing in Lagos; and it cuts across women of all ages. The older women are not exempted. People hardly dress according to their body type. Wearing extremely tight leggings is so common, that the shape of the vj is very clear. I believe maybe it’s because Lagos is a fashion forward city and less conservative than Abuja.

5.     I never imagined that Lagos can be hot; I had always felt that there wouldn’t be heat here and even if there is, it wouldn’t be compared to that of Abuja heat. That was my belief until I got here, mehn this place is hottt. The sun doesn’t have mercy at all, lol. One day I went out with a friend, while in the car I was drenched with sweat from head to toe. My jeans were soaked. I was beyond shocked.

6.    Lagos is a country of its own. Inside this same Lagos, some places are considered a journey e.g. Satellite Town. It’s so far from main Lagos. In fact everywhere is a journey, lol.

7.    Lagosians are very creative, people here think very fast. For example, one day I bought an apple from a guy selling fruits, beside him was a sachet of water, which he used to wash my apple. I was really surprised. In Abuja, fruit sellers don’t care about that (at least where I stay), the fruit seller just picks the apple with his dirty hands and gives them to you. They don’t think that it needs to be washed and they can help you do that. That’s one of the things I love about this city, they are creative, and they go the extra mile.

8.    Transportation is expensive in Lagos; honestly, with the different buses, you have to enter to get to where you are going.

9.    Almost everyone in Lagos is an entrepreneur, not everyone sha; but a good number. You can’t live in this city and not be inspired. No one is going to give you a handout; you have to work for your money. That’s one of the most important things I love about Lagos, there’s inspiration all around, and you can’t afford to be lazy.

10. In this town, you don’t need to join a gym or register for one, except of course you own a car, why? because you have to trek everywhere. No bus or keke would take you to the door of your house, or the place you want to go, except you use a bike, and not all places allows a bike in. Asides that, there are specific places or bus stops where you have to trek to, to get transportation. Legedisbez is on full mode in this city, lol.

So there goes my observation about Lagos, the mega city of excellence. The truth is, despite everything I have stated both the good and the bad; I absolutely love this city, and I can’t wait for when I would start living here. I love the activity of Lagos, its beautiful.

Do you live in Lagos? Kindly share your experiences; moreover, I would love to know which of the observations raised here that you agree with and those you don’t agree with. If you don’t live here, I would still love to know your thoughts. Thank you for reading.


  1. I've never being to this MEGACITY before but mhen it sounds like a really stressful fun and I would love to enjoy that fun.
    Anyways how was your leave great lady?


  2. Well I live n will continue to live in this city call lasgidi or Lagos (for the Jk ) I love the ectiveness, u can't be ideal anything can produce money for u also it helps u to think fast m be smart pls if u have never been to lag pls come spend just a few days here n ur life will never remain the same. To the great lady welcome to lasgidi hope u come and stay permermemtly.


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