This topic resonates so much with me, I have fallen in and out of depression, there was even a time in my life when I contemplated suicide, happiness looks kind of easy, but it is such a task and it’s something people strive for but often difficult to reach.

In this article, I present to you 8 ways to live a happier life, based on my personal experience and what has worked for me; enjoy.

1.    You need Faith in your life.

According to an online dictionary, Faith is complete trust or confidence in someone or something. I don’t care whether you’re a Christian or a Muslim, or what church you attend; all that doesn’t matter. You need Faith in God in your life, that’s what will pull you through the challenges of life. Faith gives you this confidence and quiet trust during life turmoil. I am of the Christian Faith and it is my faith and belief in God that kept me through hard times. I just trusted that God is in charge of the affairs of my life. If not for my faith, I doubt very seriously if I would be alive today.

2.    Be Thankful.
Happy people are always thankful people. There are so many things to be thankful for; things that you would ordinarily overlook; the gift of sleep, a bed, food, safety, good health etc. Practice the attitude of gratitude, it makes you appreciate life.

3.    Do something, you Love.

One of the biggest sources of unhappiness is expending your energy on things that you don’t love. Most often times we do things simply because we have to or to fulfil the expectations of others. For example, you may be working at a job you absolutely hate because of the salary, job security etc. Instead of spending your energy on something you don’t love, why not concentrate your energy on something that you love and watch your self-esteem and happiness soar. Success can only come when you do something you love.

During some of my dark times, I discovered my love for writing and baking and I stuck to it. In fact, my blog was born out of boredom. I was in Abuja lonely and bored and so I decided to start a blog and that has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. For me, writing & baking are very therapeutic. It gives me great joy when I write thought provoking articles; articles that inspire people. Whenever I bake or I write I come alive, so find your passion, find something that gives you joy and please stick to it.

4.    Flush out every form of Negativity.

You can’t be happy when there’s negativity around you; negative people, negative thinking, and negative words. Let go of negative people; even if you call them friends. If they only speak negative words to you, of make you feel less than who you are, please let them go. If you notice that whenever you are in a certain place or with certain people and you begin to feel negative; that is negative energy right there which you don’t need.

5.    Have a positive attitude.

Be optimistic about life. More than half of the things we worry about never happen. Great things happen, when you think positively and have the right attitude. People with a good attitude are active and productive. Attitudes drive behaviour. If you want to → succeed at anything you need to have the → right mindset. When you adopt a positive attitude, life becomes a rewarding adventure instead of something to get through.

6.    Surround yourself with loving, supportive people.

We cannot run life alone, it is not an individual race; we need other people. Social interactions can be a source of happiness. We’re social beings, even if you’re an introvert or a loner. Life’s too short to live it completely alone. People with perceived positive social relationships even live longer. So be social, surround yourself with people who make you feel good, and release those who make you feel bad.

7.    Travel.

Don’t spend life in one little corner; take some time out to see the world (while you still can). Travelling is an escape from reality, gives you a new breath of life, moreover, it’s an opportunity to meet different people. Meeting people and seeing new ways of living, expands your horizon, gives you exposure and a new zest for living.

November last year, during my work leave I travelled to Lagos Nigeria, you can find all about that HERE, and that has been one of the best decisions I made last year. I was able to meet different people, family members I haven’t seen in ages, I went on a tour, it was amazing. By the time I got back, all my negative feelings about my job and things I weren’t ok with were all gone. For anyone feeling depressed, I would recommend travelling. Go somewhere you’ve never been or someplace not familiar, you will experience a new zeal for life.

8. Laugh

What do I mean by Laugh? Learn to laugh at yourself. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Don’t beat yourself up for making mistakes. If you make a mistake, learn from it and move on. Sometimes, laugh at the mistakes you make and move on. I’m a person who laughs a lot, sometimes I laugh when I’m confused, laugh when I’m an impossible situation and it just calms me down.

In summary, in life; it is not what happens to you that count. It is how you react to what happens to you, especially when you have unexpected problems of any kind. The only source of →happiness – and unhappiness – comes from inside you.

Happiness is not something that comes to you. It is something you create now, today.  Waiting for something to change in order to be happy is waiting to live → your life.

Thank you for reading; I love to hear from you. Kindly share your thoughts about this topic. I would also love to know in what ways you stay happy.

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