What is the Comparison? The fact of considering something similar or of equal quality to something else. The issue of comparison is eating deep into our society especially with the advent of social media.

This has made it imperative for us to consider the downside of using others as a benchmark to measure the success of our lives. All over Instagram, Facebook, and the likes are filled with airbrushed photos and basically the paintings of a good perfect life.

Unfortunately, people tend to gauge the progress of their lives by comparing themselves to others. This is really bad as it’s important to know that we all have different journeys in life, as our lives are different so are our challenges.

The fact that someone is always well put together doesn’t mean, everything is going on well for them. Some people look at me and think, this babe has millions in her pocket, but that isn’t true. Sometimes I’m so broke, that it’s not funny. The fact that I always look good doesn’t mean I have all the money in the world.

If you don’t know someone well and you’re having sleepless nights, thinking they have it all going together, you couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Or imagine a couple you’ve been fantasising about their marriage, you get to spend one day in their home and you can’t wait to run out because what they have is a screensaver marriage.

You’re not yet married, and all your friends are married and having children? My dear calm down, our journeys in life are different.

Envy and comparison have led people into doing unthinkable things just to measure up or outdo the other person. If unfortunately, you have a friend who is an envious or a jealous person, I would advise that you cut off such friendship.

Don’t compare yourself to others. You don’t know what they are going through, or the challenges the beautiful clothes are covering. He that wears the shoe only knows where it pinches. Asides that, comparing yourself to other people, steals your joy; moreover, it is not an effective yardstick for motivation; rather it causes depression.

Not comparing yourselves to others doesn’t mean, you shouldn’t celebrate with others, no you should.  Celebrate other people’s success, but it is important to learn the mental skill of acknowledging another person’s success, without letting it throw you off track. This takes discipline.

By the way, if Instagram and Facebook make you depressed, you have self-esteem issues and you are spending way too much time on social media.

Never envy anybody; the person you are wishing to be like is also praying to be like someone else. The key is being grateful and content with where you are now while striving to be better. It doesn’t matter how long it takes for you to achieve your dreams, just keep at it; very soon you would be a success.

Let no man be the yardstick by which you measure the success of your life. Success, to me, is achieving your God ordained purpose. Our life journeys are different, and that which you term a delay; could be part of God’s plan for your life.

If you compare yourself to someone else, you are not wise. Don’t leave the road marked for you, to take someone else’s path; it will lead you to nowhere. It is a losing battle, you will never get to a point in your life, where you will better than others in every way or in ways you would want to be.

Instead of wasting precious energy, trying to be like someone else, why not focus your energy on being a better version of yourself. Celebrate your uniqueness.

PhotoCredit: Bestadvice.com


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