This is the day 3 of my Lagos Leave series, you can find day 1 HERE and Day 2 HERE. This day 4 gist eh is somewhat painful to me; it was a very challenging day. That day was a Sunday, I had initially planned to go to Daystar but seeing that where I was coming from was very far, I changed my mind and followed my Uncle and his family to his church.

Meanwhile I had an appointment that day for 1:30pm, at 12pm na church never close; I asked my uncle, Abeg when we dey leave. He said we will wait till the end of service, I then told him I had somewhere to go at 1:30. He said I should have told him before; that anyway I should be leaving now. Meanwhile I had with me 3 heavy duty bags (cos I was leaving Satellite town for Berger).

Since I had three bags with me now, I said I will request for uber to come pick me up. For where; the place I was, was not on uber map. There were no cars available. My uncle then said I should take a bus to Apple junction at Festac; that I would get uber there.

Did I mention with all these load, I was wearing heels? The road was so muddy and messy, yet yours truly was on heels, lol.

Immediately I was dropped off at Apple junction; to cross na was wahala, my bags were too heavy and I couldn’t carry them. I stood at the junction, wondering what to do next. I checked uber again, still no cars available. I then decided to go Mega Chicken.

While there na, there were still no cars available, my next option was to enter a normal taxi but I knew they would charge me plenty, so I just sat apprehensively. Time was running out. I called one Uber Taxi guy I knew, he said he couldn’t come, where he was, was far.

Eventually I got an uber taxi, but my happiness was short lived, as I called the guy to let him know where I was. He now asked me where I was going, I told him, he said he was coming. Only for me to end the call and find out, he had cancelled the request. I was so pissed, when I requested again, he cancelled.

That’s how I sat there oh at Mega chicken with my three bags wondering what to do, I would have taken public transport but my load wouldn’t let me. When I was about giving up, I just saw that a driver had picked up my request and was on his way to where I was. I was so happy.

One thing though, there was a surge. For those of you who don’t know, when there’s a surge, the price is higher than normal. Foolish me I still went on the trip, when I eventually got to where I was going, I was to pay N5500, I couldn’t believe it. Thank God uber was offering a 50% discount; I ended up N3500 because of the surge. Lesson learnt: never request for uber during a surge.

Anyway that day ended really well, I and a cousin of mine got to spend the evening with one of my uncles and his family, and we had a really tasty meal, lol.  This my leave has taught me the importance of food in someone’s life, lol( for real). I live with my parents in Abuja, so food is not a big deal; but now that I’m not at home, I have seen the importance of food. Food is one of the biggest things I spend my money on this trip, and wherever I know I can get cooked food, I don’t miss it(LMAO).

Thank you for reading, I appreciate you.

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