Hello everyone I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything on the blog for some days now, honestly when I started this blog; I wasn’t the one not to post anything for a whole day; something at least an article on the blog. I am really so sorry everyone.

Guess what people, your girl is writing from the one and only City of Excellence; LAGOS. Hehehe your girl is on leave, so where else to spend it than the Excellence city.

Well, how do I begin this Lagos leave gist. First off, I didn’t even know the exact day I was going; I just knew I was going to travel to Lagos; lol.

I wasn’t able to book my flight on time, I noticed that the more time you waste before paying for the flight; the higher the price of the ticket. The funny thing is; at first I didn’t even know I was going to take a flight( the more reason why I didn’t buy my flight ticket on time), I just told myself that I would go by bus. This is me that always told myself I would never go to Lag by bus; but then I was reminded that it’s a stressful journey; that’s how I go book ticket oh. I thank God I didn’t go by road that day, I heard that Friday the traffic was something else; everywhere was blocked.

I came by Dana Air and mehn there was no itches whatsoever; unlike my previous experience with Air peace. After booking the flight, I kept expecting the airline to maybe send an email or an sms delaying or rescheduling the flight. None of such nonsense happened. The flight was so smooth; I even slept and snored, lol. We took off at the time we were supposed to take off. I was even impressed with the snacks we were given during the flight. Honestly Air peace no be airline (in comparison with Dana Airline), na rubbish airline.

During the flight, the guy beside me had very long beards; it was so distracting especially when he was eating. Oh my God; the food kept falling into his beards; it was really irritating, and the guy would just not stop eating. He ate very single thing in the snack pack and the more he ate, the more food kept falling into his beards. Then dude would just not stop resting his arm on me, chai. I kept asking myself which kain seat mate be this. I had to completely squeeze myself in my seat so he wouldn’t touch me. I just hate somebody’s body touching mine especially when in public transport.

Lest i forget, before we took off; guess who I saw walk into the plane, it was Emeka Ike the Actor. I was so shocked, he was the person I least expected. See me giggling from ear to ear, lol. When we eventually got off the plane, waiting for our bags at the conveyor belt, he was just behind me talking with a friend. I was really itching to walk over to him to say hello or ask for a pic; but i realised that no one even took noticed of him or walk up to him. So i just decided to respect myself, lol even though i really felt like talking to him. I was telling my uncle about it and he was like Lagosians has seen so many of them, its no longer a new thing (lol).

When I landed Lagos, I headed straight for Daystar. They had a programme ELC (Excellence in Leadership Conference) that was ending that day. I had earlier registered for the programme though I didn’t even know I would be able to make it. I was so happy I was able to attend even if it was just the finale. I was really blessed that day.

So this is a summary of my day 1 in Lagos enjoying my leave. Tomorrow Day 2 gist is coming. Watch out.

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