I had earlier written this article for Bella Naija, it was published on their site on the 19th of September, 2016. You can check it out HERE. This past week a friend of my brother who had just completed his undergraduate studies died in a motor accident. When my brother heard of it, he was shocked, he just couldn’t fathom how the boy could die, he went from disbelief to sadness.

That incident reminded me of a dear friend of mine who died three (3) years ago in a swimming pool. He was someone I loved so much and if tears could bring him back, he will probably be here today.

When he died it was a mixture of so many things, from disbelieve, shock, depression and then regrets. You see the week he died I wasn’t talking to him, I was pissed off at him for something he did (looking back today it’s such a flimsy issue). I began to wish I had spoken to him that week. We were always communicating, so it took a lot of self will not talk to him that week. I always thought we would always have time.

I don’t know whether it’s a funny thing; that today I still haven’t been able to come to terms with his death. I still feel like he travelled somewhere and one day I would see him.

I kept saying then that life is too short, but I have come to realise that life is not short. The reason we feel life is short is because we don’t value the time we have with people today, we think there would always be time. We keep putting off calling someone today saying, I would call tomorrow; what if the person is not there tomorrow. We keep putting off doings things for the people we love; now that we still have them with us.

This life is very fickle; the person you saw yesterday could be dead by this morning. Let’s value the people God has placed in our lives, our family, our colleagues, neighbours etc.

Let’s stop the malice, the backbiting, the gossiping, the fights we have with people, all those things you’re fighting over is not worth the energy we put into sustaining enemies. Settle every beef you have with someone today, let the sun not go down on your anger.

Let’s look for people we can reach out to, there’s serious hunger in the land and your One thousand naira (N1, 000) will go a long way in helping someone, let’s take the focus off ourselves for a minute.

At the end of our lives, what will matter most is not the amount of wealth we accumulated or the number of enemies we had, but what will matter most is the Impact we made in the lives of people.

Do something worthwhile for someone today, call that friend today, visit that family member, don’t postpone what you can do today until tomorrow.

Tomorrow may never come.

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