Hello everyone, I hope you all had a nice weekend ( I know it’s not yet over) but so far, I hope it’s being good. My day was very busy but I was able to achieve all I wanted for the day.

So to the gist at hand, I have a hot song for you guys. Can you guess…. Erhmmmm; let me epp you. It’s Chemistryby Falz & Simi. My God this song is all shades of amazing, it’s presently on repeat. I love this song. This song feels like they were conversing between themselves, you must listen to it. I can’t forget the delectable voice of Simi; mehn this babe can singggggg.

By the way, these guys should just date already and stop with the teasing, they undoubtedly have incredible chemistry, I watched a video of their life performance and mehn, see how falz was blushing (hehehehe).  Sorry Adekunle, but my sister has a crush on you; maybe there’s something there(looool).

Anyway, this song is a must listen, download it HERE

By the way I have the whole EP, but this track is my best. Enjoy, download, listen and share your thoughts.


  1. Lol😀
    Sorry Adekunle 💓 but this time I'm with Falz and Simi oh..
    The song is more like a reply to people saying they should just date
    Anyways I love the song


  2. I know I might sound like a hater but I have refused to listen to the song, I like them together on some songs but I feel like they are stretching it a little thin..please o they shouldn't date, falz is bae


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