I know I am not that old (lol), but I wish I knew these things when I was much younger, but I believe that’s what maturity and growth are all about. You learn and then you grow. So this is me; in my more matured self-advising my naïve young self. 

1.     People are not always what they seem, always read between the lines.
2.    People change, but most importantly YOU will change also.
3.    Never make a permanent decision based on a temporary situation; by the way no situation is permanent.
4.    Not all your dreams/goals would come to pass, learn to face reality.
5.    Never ever you throw yourself at any man. Respect yourself and know; that doing so would make you lose your self-respect. Moreover, I would like you to know that;  “What You Want May Not Always Want you.
6.    Set realistic goals. I know you are a woman of faith, but it is wiser to be realistic and set achievable goals.
7.    Never you put your trust in man, the arm of flesh would fail. Depend only on God who can never fail you.
8.    I would like you to know that No man/woman is your savior.
9.    When life gives you lemons, make a cocktail and don’t forget to have a piece of cake with it. I want you to see the possibilities in every situation. Stop being negative. There’s something to be learnt from every situation.
10.Life is more than that room of yours, go out you hear. Meet people, have friends, travel, have fun, try something different every day.
11.  Never ever give up, I repeat DO NOT EVER GIVE UP. Giving up may seem the easiest thing to do in a hopeless situation; but trust me when I say you shouldn’t give up. If you don’t face challenges, how would you learn?
12. Stop seeking the approval of others. Stop with the low self-esteem and the lack of confidence. Perception is important, but what matters most is what Heaven says about you. Moreover, the quality of your life is not dependent on the number of friends you have or the accolades you receive.
13. Things may not always work out the way you planned, but don’t despair. I want you to know that the Lord is the orchestrator of every event in your life.
14. You know what? Stop with the worrying, you weary yourself way too much. Life is too precious to spend it miserable. Relax and trust God, He’s got you.
15. Never ever you make excuses; only failures do that. Take responsibility for every action you take.
16. Find out your purpose in life. Figure out why you are on planet earth and pursue it vigorously. It will make the navigation of life much easier. Your purpose will determine everything you do, the friends you keep, the place you stay etc.
17. Your relationship with God should be your number one priority.
18.I would like you to know and believe that you are a precious jewel, you are worth more than rubies, the apple of God’s eyes, you are unique, you have heart of gold, extremely very caring, you are beautiful, and the most amazing human being.
I can’t believe I cried when writing this, I would like to know; what advice would you give your younger self?

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Photo Credit: Lavenderlife.com


  1. Dis is such a wonderful piece,an inspiring one. wish we'll all make d right decisions in our present so d future doesn't give us reasons to regret or wish some mistakes were never made#wordtoself.


  2. don't beat yourself up for the mistake you've made rather learn from it and move on.

    know that not everyone would like you so don't live to please people.

    a life without God is meaningless so also a life without purpose is a waste

    #great post great lady


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