This afternoon after church, a friend of mine asked me, Babe are you going for that wedding? I replied, nah I’m not going; I don’t like attending weddings, that I’ll  probably be on my bed that Saturday pressing my phone or watching a movie.

He was like you must go for the wedding oh, and I said why? What he said really shocked me. He said so you can meet a guy at the wedding. That if I don’t attend weddings, where am I going to meet a man from? How will I get married? I laughed it off but at the same time it was really surprising.

So I asked him, do people attend weddings to find/look for prospective partners? He said yes. I then asked him, then why haven’t I meet a guy at any of the weddings I have attended, he said it’s because I didn’t position myself rightly. I was like wow.

He said as a guy oh, guys attend weddings to look for wives, that if he’s talking with a lady at a wedding, the lady is supposed to know it’s because he has an interest in her. He then told me, you are not a secular girl, where else would you meet a guy if you don’t attend weddings?

Funny enough a lot of my friends have asked me this same question, will you attend the wedding; and I always give them the same answer, nah I’m not going. Infact when I told one I don’t like attending weddings, the look he gave me eh, it’s indescribable. He had this weird look, this look of what is wrong with you? When I tell any friend that I won’t be attending, they’ll be like, you must go. Any other plan you have for that day will not work, lol.

I always ask them; please can you tell me what I am going to do at the wedding? No one can give me any answer. Thinking about it now, I realize they’re all thinking the same way, go for the wedding so you can meet a guy.

Funny enough, I use to love weddings, I used to want to attend anyone I hear of; when I was much younger. But I realized that as I have grown older, I do not like attending weddings, especially weddings of people I do not know personally. Even the ones I know personally sef, it’s still a struggle. Moreover, our weddings are always too rowdy. I am of the personal opinion that weddings are meant to celebrate the couple not to look for a prospective partner, because this is an act of desperation. So this new meaning people give to it is surprising.

Anyway, what my friend told me has being on my mind. Is it a wedding I will meet Mr Right? Do people attend weddings to look/find a partner? Should I be attending every wedding, until I finally meet the one? Is attending a wedding akin to helping yourself meet someone; or what about just waiting till God brings the one? If you have met the one, where did you meet him/her? Am i wrong or weird not to like attending weddings?

Honestly I need you guys opinion, what do you think about this issue? I would really appreciate your comments, thank you.

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Wishing you a memorable and a most fabulous week.

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6 thoughts on “MUST I ATTEND WEDDINGS?

  1. Yeah you should attend weddings not must but its nice to. It will be a good place to meet young people, and it doesn't even have to be marriage related..some amazing connections can be forged. Also, the issue of celebrating with others so when it is your turn…


  2. Advice ma! 1. it gives u an idea of wat to expect on ur day n its d best way u gather info's on hw its rilli done.U get to experience wat it feels like wen two different families com together to support d union of one(d couple) oh! hw difficult it is for some weddings. Experience is d best teacher” u'lld rather see it happen dan b told hw it happened. 2.U get to meet pple.Life most times is made ez wit d caliber of pple u knw(especially in Naija).Weddings r not all abt meeting ur husband or wife
    buh abt meeting som1 who will b of help 2 u 2moro(destiny helpers rmemba?) n FINALLY……wat u sow u reap,dnt expect pple to shw up on ur own day if u rilli weren't dere for odas(An exception of dose who jst nid a family family tin doh)God bless u!


  3. Attend a wedding just because you want to meet a spouse?! 🙅Nah Nah. And attend because you want others to attend your own?! Never. If it's important to them they will come so also if it is important to me I'll go.


  4. Lovely post dear but personally,i do not really like to attend weddings too,not really weddings alone but parties. I've attended just two weddings in the last 12-13years and one of them is recent and the other,last year. So i'll say one shouldn't attend a wedding cause one is looking for a wife or husband but you can attend to just have the experience and for me,i dont attend weddings cause i want people to attend mine,thats also not for me. So for me,asides just experiencing the whole stuff and celebrating with whom ever is wedding cause for me i hardly talk to people in a weeding.


  5. It's not because you want them to come to yours but more like rejoicing when others are, when they are in sorrow be in sorrow with them, that's why weddings and burials are places I like to go. All of you people saying you don't really like attending weddings..👀👀👀👀


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