This is the concluding part of my recent adventure to Lagos, you can read the previous part HERE and HERE.
After the service I and my girlfriends (you know yourselves) all planned to meet at ICM (I could talk about this for ages). I and my girls had the best fun; honestly I didn’t want to leave. We saw Bovi’s movie (it’s her day), and mine oh mine, it was all shades of hilarious.

I laughed all through, infact at a point, my laughter was the loudest in the hall (lol), I have this baritone laugh…the type of laugh from rich people (hahahahaha). Imagine that type of laugh roaring in the room. When we first got to the cinema, we were at a dilemma on what movie to see, we contemplated seeing 93days, but we were like nah, today is a fun day we don’t want to be crying in the hall, let’s see a fun movie, we thought of A trip to Jamaica, but the movie was fully booked (I wonder what magic Ay does to his movies), so that’s how we ended up seeing it’s her day. Honestly I love that movie, it was fun. That movie just goes to show the length people will go to deny who they really are, and what people do “all in the name of getting married”.

Oh, I didn’t tell you guys something important, I had spent the money on me when I went to the market Saturday morning, so I had little money on me. When one of my friends M suggested we see a movie, in my heart I was like God oh, which kain wahala be this, where movie money go come from (the Lord just told me, don’t worry be calm; I’ll provide). I didn’t tell her I had little money on me and didn’t have the luxury for a movie; I just said ok, when she suggested we see a movie.

Imagine my surprise when we were about paying for our movie tickets, my other friend D, said ladies don’t worry let me pay for the tickets( I was like, Father you are too much), thank you Lord(lol).

Before we saw the movie, since we got there quite early, we went to cold stone to get ice, and their ice cream tastes like heaven. We gisted, and laughed eh, people kept looking at us (three beautiful, well packaged ladies disturbing the neighbourhood). We later decided to roam round the mall to while away time, window shop and of course take pictures; just before the movie.

At the end of the movie, as were about leaving the mall, at the car park while going through the pictures we had taken, we decided to return to the mall to take more pictures(hahahahaha); honestly. We then thought, we needed a place that had light, what do we do oh, so we entered Mr Price like we were shopping, just to use their light to snap (LMAO). We even entered their changing room, to use the secrecy of the place to snap. Chai. Anyway, one of us M later bought something, I was happy at least they won’t think we are jobless.

When both our phones and bodies were exhausted, we decided to call it a night, though I personally still wanted to go somewhere (I just felt the night was still young, moreover no daddy or mummy to start calling asking WHERE ARE YOU? so since I was free, I decided to use my freedom well. So I & M went to University of Suya on Allen, I had heard about it (so I decided to check it out for myself), and the suya tastes so good.

Ehen, i didn’t tell you guys that while i was still in Abuja, i had a dream not just once but twice that my glasses broke. (I wear medicated glasses now like permanently).  Before i even left for Lagos i was thinking to myself, hope this dream doesn’t mean i would lose something important on this trip, it now made me more scared. Anyway on Saturday evening, i discovered that one side of the specs handle was broken, you guys wouldn’t believe i used cellotape to hold it together before I got another one a week later(lol). I’m happy sef that the dream happened literally, it didn’t even break the way i saw it in the dream. Moreover the replacement wasn’t as expensive as i had thought.

On Monday; the final day of my stay in Lagos I had a shoot with my friend @ayodejialadefotography (instagram handle, kindly check him out) I really had fun during the shoot, feeling really cool with myself. Honestly models are really trying, to pose is not easy oh, it’s a lot of work (well for me sha) I got tired very easily, but doing the shoot with my friend made it all easy. After the shoot, we went to a park, cold stone ice cream (where I had the best ice cream ever). Cold stone ice cream can wake up a dead man (lol). We parted and then I went back to base (berger) where I went to sleep.

Remember I told you guys, I didn’t have much money on me, I started worrying how I would get to the airport(I was to return to Abuja that Monday), taking a bus is simply out of it, because of my luggage. Anyway my cousin was like request an uber first; unfortunately I wanted for Uber for like 2omins. I started getting afraid because I had to be in the airport at least 2omins before departure; meanwhile here I was waiting for uber no show. I was really panicking, time was going, I even tried checking in online, but no luck. Finally uber showed up (there was traffic). All this while I was still worrying how I would pay for the taxi. I had no idea that my hosts had given my cousin money for taxi. When he told me I was so shocked, I was like this God is too good.

As we started the trip na, see traffic; I didn’t know that in Lagos you have to factor in traffic and leave long before you need to get to where you are going.

See me I was now praying, Lord let Air peace not fine me for coming late. A friend once told me he paid 8k because he got to the airport 2omins before departure and he was still not allowed to fly that day. I was so afraid even panicking, I couldn’t afford to miss the flight, and neither did I have any money to pay fine.

Immediately I got to the airport, thugs just gathered me, they sensed my hastiness, one grabbed my bag and told me not to go to Air peace counter, I honestly thought they were staffs of the company oh, because they had tags on them. I started sensing that these guys were not real, so I moved to Air peace stand, to confirm my suspicions; one of them now told me madam you go pay N1850 oh, I was like for what, he said for processing.

I just raised my voice eh, I said don’t help me again; N1850 for what? Omo I disappear sharp sharp, and went to the departure lounge to wait. As usual the flight was delayed for an hr 3o minutes; after that we took off. The flight was enjoyable this time around, there was no storm. I got to Abuja 9:30pm; and my brother and sweet mum came to pick me from the airport. So that’s my adventure to Lagos.

I really enjoyed Lagos, infact I didn’t even want to leave. This trip made me love Lagos all the more. I once ran away from the city, but now I’m really praying to be back. If you have a job for me in Lagos, kindly hook your girl up (hehehehe). I’m serious though; I’m ready to leave my comfort zone (Abuja).

Thank you for reading, I’m sorry; it was quite a read. But I can’t help it I think I talk too much (hehehehe). I hope you enjoyed reading my adventure, like the way I experienced it.

Wishing you all a lovely and a memorable week; God bless you.


  1. I have one quick question, doesn't uber normally deduct from your bank card?? I am surprised you have to pay by cash, maybe the uber system is different in Lagos. Glad you enjoyed your time in Lagos today though


  2. finally done wit d story.U said “Leave ur comfort zone,settle in lagos shey” Lagos stress n hold up will show u ur way bak to abuja ok? na joke i dey joke ooo….funny its same spelling wit
    ur name.


  3. Hehehe shey I told you that you talk too much..sha sha it is a good thing. But wait Abuja is your comfort zone!? I doubt that. Anyway please do and leave Abuja so i can run away from here with the excuse of holiday #winks


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