This is a continuation of my adventure to Lagos, you can view it HERE. While we were at the Airport, people kept telling me that I should just sleep at the airport, I said no; I must get to my destination tonight. I forgot to mention that while at the Abuja Airport, there were several people who were also on the same flight with me; they were gisting and making fun that the flight would be cancelled. They were already making plans to return into Abuja town to spend the night. As they were saying the flight would be cancelled, I kept getting afraid; it was then I learnt the power of words.

Negative words have a way of cementing bad ideas in your mind and making them look insurmountable. When I realized what the words were doing to me, I just moved away from them and blocked my ears with music.

As I said in the part 1 of this series that, we got to Lagos at 1am, immediately I got to Lagos, I requested for uber. Surprisingly at that time, I got an uber taxi and started my journey to my destination; I was heading for Agege. When we got to Agege, you guys won’t believe how much I paid…N1, 350; you heard right, N1, 350. I was so shocked I asked the driver “what did you say”, he asked me, “Madam you no hear me? I said “I no hear you”, he repeated again, “madam your money be N1, 350. I was so shocked but I was also happy, because I knew if I had taken Airport taxi, I would have paid way more than that, especially at that time (1am). My friends were really happy to see me, for me I was so relieved I arrived safely.

The next day was the wedding; on the morning of the wedding, I walked to and fro allen avenue and ikeja under bridge looking for some important stuffs to buy (thank God the wedding was at 11am). I was so shocked that at 8am, a lot of shops were not opened, I had thought that in Lagos, shops should be opened at all times (lol). That shopping took like 3hrs, I then returned back to the hotel and slept for like an hr (instead of me to be getting ready for the ceremony). Anyway when my friends and the bride returned from the traditional wedding, makeup started in earnest.

My makeup experience was very funny, I’m not really a makeup girl so I’m not used to it, you needed to see my reluctance to even get the makeup done. I have a very sensitive face so I was scared using products foreign to my face would cause an adverse reaction; anyway I still got the makeup done. I was looking so strange to myself, thank God I wear glasses, it covered most of it (lol).

Then it got to the time I was to wear my dress, and guess what… the zip tore (lol). I didn’t even panic, anyway I had another option. I was looking really glamorous (if I must say so myself). I’m really glad I went for this wedding, I meet all my friends, made new friends, we took countless number of pictures (it was fun).

After the wedding I called one of my bffs; Mrs B, babe was so happy to know I was in Lagos. She ordered me straight to her house (lol). I spent the night with her and her family, plus her very adorable baby. I love that girl die, we reminisced on old times, talked about everything under the heavens (men, work, goals etc) honestly it was fun. Babe ransacked her house, looking for things to give me (lol).

Next day was Sunday, and I knew I had to be in my church, Daystar Christian Centre. Honestly if you reside in Lagos and you are looking for a place to worship, may I recommend Daystar; it’s at oregun ikosi close. I enjoyed the service, especially the music…I danced my heart out to God. Oh and that Nigerian song they sang; I have being looking for it on Google (if you happen to have it, kindly hook your girl up). I would really love to join that choir, they are truly healing streams. The service was a celebration of Nigeria’s independence; Nigerian flags were shared during the service. I so love that church.



  1. Lol, Damola; i am sorry. Don't mind this your cousin; i talk too much. I just thought if i write everything in one piece, it will be too long and people would be discouraged to read/finish. Thank you for reading it dear, i appreciate it. Anyway i have posted the concluding part.


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