I believe a lot of you would have heard about “Forever Duncan”, the couple who has taken social media by storm. In case you haven’t heard or read about them, let me give you a heads up. A guy named Alfred Duncan proposed to his lady Sherell in the morning and by night they were married. 

He surprised her with a proposal and a wedding all in one day. It was very romantic. 

I was reading some comments about it, and some ladies were of the opinion, it couldn’t happen in Nigeria(lol) with Aunties and Uncles all wanting to meddle in the wedding preparations, the Asoebi selling and buying(at outrageous prices), the serenren associated with Nigerian weddings, the numerous photo shoots, the showers etc. 
The truth is I personally do not like all the drama associated with Nigerian weddings, I see them as all too complicated, I for one want a very simple and quiet wedding with only my dearest and nearest. 
On the blog where I first read this, some ladies were like they wouldn’t appreciate this type of surprise oh, and I honestly asked myself if I would appreciate it; if my future boyfriend pulled this type of surprise on me, and the truth is I’d be over the  moon. 
I honestly love something like this, a SURPRISE WEDDING, as long as I’m wearing a white gown, and my parents have being informed; no biggie. I don’t even mind if after that, family still wants the big wedding, the most important thing is, I’ve gotten my heart desire.
So dear future boyfriend/husband, please don’t be afraid to pull a surprise on me, I would love you all the more; Hehehehe.
I’ve included a short video of this couple’s fairytale, if you like love like me, just get a tissue ready. The video is all shades of beautiful. 

So please let me know your take on this. Ladies would you love this type of surprise, or would you not? Lets know.


Photos and Video: Holla Definition & Photos: Mental Mayhem Studios

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