When I was in the university, I never liked girls, I just never clicked with them, maybe because I went to all girls’ school, but I preferred my male friends. As an undergrad, I had lots of them, males. You see I had female friends in primary and secondary school and they were the best. But I don’t know what happened at University, I just preferred the guys. 

Anyway I discovered that it’s practically impossible to have a no strings attached friendship with a guy. All the guys I called my padis started asking me out, and it was really frustrating because once you’ve crossed that boundary, its difficult just being friends again. The guys found it surprising how their “padi” was turning them down, unfortunately all I wanted was just to be friends. 
So unfortunately, I had to reduce my male friends and then I started having female friends again, but I’m someone who is very picky, I am picky in everything, I choose my friends carefully. At a point in school, some people said I wasn’t friendly; I was always to myself and quiet. But this is just my outward personality. I’m careful of being hurt, so I guard my heart jealously.
All this while I and my sister weren’t close, Infact I don’t think she liked me at a point. I honestly don’t know how it happened, maybe God just wanted to help my friendship issue, my sister and I became padis. Mind you there’s a ten (10) year gap between us. We talk about anything and everything, she knows me like a book knows its cover. There is nothing I cannot tell her, and fortunately for me; her wisdom knows no bounds. Talk to her about anything and she always has a way out. 
When people ask me who my best friend is, I always mention her, and they say no oh, she can’t be your best friend, she’s your sister. I’m always like, so? Does being a sister mean we can’t be friends? Who is a friend? A friend is one who loves you for who you are, someone who is not afraid to tell you the truth, someone who wants the best for you, someone who is not ashamed of you, someone who will go lengths for you, just to make sure you are ok. My sister is all this and more. 
I always say, I would want my future husband to be just like her. She fills in for me in areas of my weaknesses, tolerate my excesses, etc. Whenever she’s around on holidays, I’m always happy, because she’ll help with house chores, she’s like a mother figure, so she’s always in charge, helps with my hair, she’s someone I will shout at and she won’t take offense, she treats me as  someone who matters, not someone that has issues. 
If you have a sister in your life; especially as a lady, please see it as an act of God’s mercy to you, in your sister is a friend, a confidant and a relation all rolled into one. I always marvel when sisters fight or cannot get along, I always believe, your sister should be your biggest cheerleader not your enemy. If you and your sister are fighting today, please do reconcile and set things straight. I would like you to know that your sister is not your competitor; neither should you see her as an enemy. Sisters should get each other backs. 
With due respect to all my friends, but my sister is my best friend. I would say I am one of the very lucky ones that God blessed with a sister and a friend. I’m so grateful to God for bringing her into my life. I love you dear, now and forever. 

So tell me, is your sister your friend?

Photo Credit: Dreamstime


  1. Yes i do have a sister, we used to fight alot when we were younger but we have grown to become best friends. we complement each other in different ways, i had the big mouth and she had the strength, she has also saved my life on many occasions, she treats me like a princess lol i consider myself blessed by God to have her


  2. I don't have a biological sister…but I have friends who have pretty much become my sisters…and I am grateful for them.I think its possible though to have male friends without anything…I have a really close friend that I know can go above and beyond for me..and there is no feelings(not one that I know of sha…)


  3. Awwwn this is sooooo sweet. I love my sister so much. We might get on our nerves atime but it's just one of those things mhen. And talking of having male friends who don't have any feeling or we don't have any feeling for, I don't think it is possible sha.


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