Hello everyone forgive me for not writing in a while, I was preparing for a trip and I was also busy with work. I’m back from the trip and today I’ll be gisting you guys all about it. 

I went to Lagos for one of my friends’s wedding, I had being preparing for this trip for a veryyyyyy lonngggg time. You see I love to travel and I haven’t travelled in a while, the last time I was in Lagos was two (2) years ago. I was so excited for this trip eh; I had packed my bags like a week before (lol).
PRIOR TO THE TRIP: You know a lot of people had being crying recession everywhere, but I didn’t really feel it until I wanted to book a flight, my God it was really expensive, imagine two years ago, I paid N24, 000; now I paid like times two of that, omo I felt that ticket money; anyway I didn’t have a choice so I paid, and unfortunately for me I booked Air peace (I will explain later why I said unfortunately). 
After I paid for the flight I started getting afraid, you guys know the way Airlines in Nigeria have being shutting down/suspending flight services; I was now afraid that; hope Air peace won’t just announce that they’re suspending flight services due to one reason or the other. I can’t count the number of times I goggled Air peace to make sure everything was alright (lol). 
The spirit of God kept telling me Adejoke calm down nothing will happen to the airline, you will travel and come back safe; still yet my heart kept failing me. Asides that fear, I was really excited for the trip, I was seriously counting down to the 30thwhen I was to travel, a friend kept telling me, the way you’re excited as if you will not come back to Lagos. But really I was excited. 
PUBLIC HOLIDAY: When I was booking the flight I had envisaged that the Federal Government would declare Monday October 3rd as a public holiday because Independence Day fell on a Saturday, so I booked the flight to return on Monday. I had expected that the FGN would declare the holiday early, but when the week was about to end and the FG hadn’t yet declared the holiday, I started panicking. I became afraid, cos I had already booked my flight to return Monday evening. The Lord kept telling me not to worry that Monday will be declared a holiday, the reason I was worried is because of my job, I can’t miss work especially on a Monday. Anyway on Thursday while I was in the salon, as I was online, I saw that Monday had being declared a public holiday, I was so happy; it felt like I had won a lottery. (So in case you are wondering why Monday was declared a holiday, its because of me, Hehehehe).
God was really faithful, he provided all the money I needed prior to the trip to get everything I wanted to get and buy because whenever I travel I like to go prepared. Did I mention I was going to be a bridesmaid at this wedding? I don’t think so, well I was. So a day to my journey I normally do braids, I had to fix my hair, so I loosed the braids went to the salon and fixed my hair and my nails. The hair is so beautiful I love every bit of it, Infact I’m beginning to change my mind about braids, maybe I’ll just be fixing my hair now (lol). But really the hair is that beautiful; it gave me a whole new and different look. 
AIR PEACE WAHALA: On Thursday, I got a text from Air peace that my flight which was originally 6pm has being shifted to 7pm, I was like its just an hour, no problem. The very next day which was a Friday, I got an email from Air peace that my flight has being shifted to 9:25pm, I was like what, how will I get to Lagos at night, how will I move at night? I called their call centre, I’m not exaggerating I called them like 30times, all their numbers, if it rang nobody picked and it was majorly busy. Anyway I eventually got them and I told the lady at the other end that 9:25pm was too late for me, that if they have an earlier flight, I would be grateful. She eventually said there was a flight for 7pm and she would book me for that time, I was so happy. I even printed my ticket with 7pm as the departure time; before the end of work that day, I got another email from them that my flight has being shifted from 9:25pm to 8:05pm. 
I didn’t even bother calling them again instead I was now so afraid; I didn’t know why, I had to tell one of my BFF, he just told me Joke you will be alright, you have no need to fear. The devil kept tormenting me with all kinds of ugly and bad scenarios, I kept imagining all sorts of negative things, and I kept asking myself should I go or should I not go? But as you know, I went (lol).
FLIGHT EXPERIENCE: I got to the airport at 6pm; I checked in and was patiently waiting for 8:05pm when we’ll take off. At 7:30pm it was announced that the flight had being shifted to 9pm, I was like so these guys really meant to leave by 9. At 8:30pm it was announced that the flight was now 10:30pm I started panicking again, because I was like when an airline behaves like this they may eventually cancel the flight, I started praying that the flight would not be cancelled, but the Lord kept telling me the flight would not be cancelled that I would travel that night.

All this while, I was with a cake, you heard right, a cake. I don’t know whether you know, but I also bake, baking is something I love doing, it gives me joy. Enough of my famzing, anyway; the bride personally insisted she must eat of my cake, so I would be the one to bake her bridal shower cake, infact she wanted me to bake her wedding cake, but I was like, how would I bring the cakes to Lagos, so I told her I wouldn’t be able to do the wedding cake, despite that she insisted I must do her bridal shower cake, so there I was in the airport with my box, my handbag and a cake in tow(lol). People kept looking at me, probably wondering why I was carrying a cake from Abuja all the way to Lagos. I was even afraid that the airline would not let me carry the cake on board, but they did. Some people even came to ask me why i was flying with a cake,when i can easily buy one in Lagos, lol. Below are some pictures of the cake 

Back to my flight gist, at 10:00pm Air peace announced boarding for a flight to Lagos, I was like at last, for where? It wasn’t my flight. We had to wait till 11pm after some people started agitating, and one of their planes had arrived from Port Harcourt; we eventually boarded at 11pm. We took off at 11:30pm, while all these delays were going on, I didn’t tell my mum what exactly was going on, because I didn’t want her to be worried. I just told her, when I get to Lagos, I will inform her. While in the air, we encountered a storm and the plane was dancing, I was so afraid; I wasn’t even praying I was just there being afraid, until I heard a lady behind me praying. I then started praying, during this whole period my heart just went up, it never came down until we landed (in hind sight, maybe this is why I was so afraid earlier that day). We landed in Lagos at 1:00am.
To be continued….

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