So this morning I woke up to the viral story that made the rounds yesterday, summary is; a lady dated a guy for 3years, was engaged to him last year and was basically his ATM. She said she paid his Masters fees abroad. 

I read the guy’s responses but none of it holds water except to show that he was dating two women at the same time and was afraid to break up with his ATM before marrying another. He also said she didn’t pay all his fees but at least she paid some and was still feeding him. 
When I read stories I like this, I can’t help but blame the girl. I am a strong advocate of don’t EVER give a guy money, a guy to whom you are not married to.
If you do that, it shows you are only desperate and can do anything to have a man in your life and get married. I used to do that nonsense, give a guy money (in the name of borrow) when I was still foolish and naïve. 
Hear these ladies, any guy who asks you for money is not only irresponsible but will take you for a ride. What such guys do is this, they have different women in their lives, and they’re dating them for different purposes. There’s the one for cash, there’s one for sex, there’s one for food and there’s the one they would marry.
Men like to test you, today they will ask for N1000, you give them, tomorrow it will be N10, 000 next tomorrow it will be N100, 000. If you gave the first time, they will always come back for more.
Don’t be a desperate woman dating a useless boy, if you are dating an irresponsible guy; better know that any money he spends on you, he will get definitely get it back, through different cunning means.
When I was in 400Level my mum told me NEVER you give a guy money, I didn’t understand then until I learnt my lessons the hard way. I was dating one useless guy who one day asked me for N5000 to do something (it looked legitimate in my eyes) I gave him, one day while we were walking to my place, he handed me the money and said he’s paying back oh but he still needs money and he will be grateful if I can lend him again. Foolish me filled with infatuation said no problem, till today I have neither seen him nor the money. The guy had the guts to spread stories about me to people.
In my last relationship, I told my then boyfriend(now Ex) that my data was exhausted and I wouldn’t mind it, if he can subscribe for me, he then said when he had no job did I ever give him any money(can you imagine) I was like it’s that why you are dating me; to get money from me? I told him point blank, mister man, I don’t give guys money especially to those I’m not married to. 
In my eyes, the day a guy ask me for money, that’s the day my respect for him reduces.
I’ve being wanting to write a post on this and I believe this is the perfect opportunity. Dear ladies don’t give your money to a guy you are not married to. How desperate are you? Funny thing is such girls, would also be sleeping with him, cooking for him and washing his clothes, playing wife when he hasn’t even met your parents. 
One trick of some men now is to date ladies who are rich, have good jobs or have wealthy families so they live off them. Ladies don’t be desperate, a friend of mine was once complaining about her boyfriend, that she’s the one that fuels his car, buys him things, she also pays for the hotel room where he sleeps with her, SMH! You’re paying for the avenue that cheapens you, needless to say that relationship did not last months.
Dear ladies, please shine your eye. Love with your heart but take your head along with you. 
I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue.

4 thoughts on “DON’T GIVE MONEY TO A GUY

  1. Lol this is funny but true. How will I give a guy money especially when he is not my husband or brother or even father, I have always believed it is supposed to be the opposite especially with guys of this our generation. Most guys of nowadays are looking for ready made women. I was in the company of two guys today and they were talking about looking for ready made women or women from rich homes so that their hustle can lessen and I was like are you guys serious here? This are thoughts of irresponsible men and one foolish lady from wherever will come and date such and even finish her salary on him. What a pity. Ladies please let us open our eyes oh.


  2. Hmm, the first time I read this,I was like nah, some guys you give money to are not useless…but I get your point. You really have to know the kind of person you are dealing with because there is no one size fits all. I have helped some people that I didn't regret


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