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On my way to work this morning, I was just thinking to myself how tired I was of my present financial situation. I was even at the point of tears, I was asking myself; is it that God is not hearing my prayer or my heart cry? It’s like God is answering everyone around me and nothing is happening for me. I have prayed, fasted, confessed the word; for a change in my financial situation; yet no changes.

Just as I sat down at my work desk, opened my office laptop and was on the internet, I discovered Bella Naija(Nigeria’s Biggest Blog) had published an article I wrote. In an instant, I was transported from my state of being miserable to excitement and joy. I just couldn’t believe Bella Naija had published my article. It’s really a dream come true. 
Just as I was excitedly calling friends and sharing the news on social media, the Lord asked me; “So am I now answering your prayers? I said yes you are, and I just had to start apologizing. 
On Sunday after church, I & my family went on a condolence visit to a family friend of ours who lost a son, when I entered that house I couldn’t believe my eyes. They lived in a zinc house; the whole family. They all sleep in one space. I was really shocked and moved, I kept telling my sister, our house is a mansion oh. That visit made me see the level of hunger and suffering in the land. 
Sometimes it’s very easy for us to get carried away with the challenges and the struggles, we face daily, complaining and murmuring; forgetting the blessings all around us. There are so many things to be thankful for, we go out every day and come back safe, we have sound health, we are not in the hospital fighting for our dear life, there’s food to eat, a roof over our head, a family to call ours, friends who love us and ready to do anything for us, our gifts, skills and talents that heaven has graciously blessed us with. 
Today I got an outpouring of love from family & friends alike, it’s really amazing. Thank you to everyone who read and shared that post. My God will surprise you. If you haven’t read it yet KINDLY CLICK HERE
My people I urge us today to be thankful and grateful for where we presently are. God is great, He hasn’t and can never forget you; He hears even the silent groanings of your heart. As we learn to appreciate Him daily, He will do much more than what we ask. 

3 thoughts on “IS GOD NOT HEARING ME???

  1. This is something God has been trying to remind Chrustians because I felt like this recently and something happened that just made me realize all the things around me I should be grateful for. Good job on the BN post btw…


  2. Lord I'm grateful, really this isn't just a comment but a sincere prayer.
    As I am like this, I haven't experienced this type of brokeness before but I know God has got it in control.
    The things most of us complain about is someone's prayer point to God. I can recall that since the beginning of this month, I haven't been enjoying my breakfast cus I'm tired of that food but I realised that someone somewhere is praying for that food sef. It all had to do with a grateful heart.


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