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Christie was deeply hurt and she felt used by Ade. By this time, Ade was no longer shying away from smoking in her presence. On the day they broke up, they were together in Ade’s room and Christie made one more effort to try and persuade Ade to stop smoking. Ade did not listen but went ahead and used Christie’s ATM card to withdraw her monthly allowance and used it to buy packs of cigarettes and expensive alcoholic wines. 

He mockingly told her that would be his last purchase. He stepped out to get a loaf of bread and a lighter in the next street. Before Ade came back, Christie packed the cartons of cigarettes and threw everything down into the well beside Ade’s room. One by one, she also broke the bottles of wine.
When Ade came back, he searched the room for his stuffs. Then he asked Christie,
“Where are my stuffs?”
“What do you mean by stuffs?”
“I mean my babies.” Christie was irritated.
“Check them in the well and beside the well”
Christie went on, “You bought them with my money without my permission, so I threw them away!”
Ade went out to confirm.
He came back without saying a word. Slowly, he removed his belt, and lashed out at Christie. Christie grabbed him by the neck but he was much stronger. He pushed her against the wall, and landed a deafening slap on her face!
Christie could not believe that.
With that Ade walked out and threatened to deal with her.
Slowly, Christie packed the few things that belonged to her and her books from Ade’s room, left him a note that the relationship was over and left for her room.
As she walked back home in the hot sun, tears cascaded down her face, not from the sting of the slap, but from a much deeper pain within…the one she loved with her life had just disappointed her. She felt sad and then she remembered God. She cried bitterly and asked God to forgive her.
It took her a week to get back into her academics. She was determined never to see Ade again. She avoided him like a plague.
Ade never flinched; he just simply moved on and got another girlfriend.
Christie settled back into fellowship and all the brethren were excited. A Christian brother took it upon himself to counsel her and restore her. In the process of that, within the space of three weeks after Ade’s incident, she had fallen in love again! 
Bro John was a patient guy. He wanted to truly help Christie, but compassion became passion along the way. Christie was still hurting and wanted to forget Ade fast. The last sight of Ade and the new girlfriend she saw was a pain in her heart, and unconsciously, she wanted to retaliate. She wanted Ade to know she was not lonely. She wanted Ade to know that nothing was wrong with her. She wanted somebody badly. Bro. John became the perfect picture. 
Brother John on the other part, who had been praying for a godly sister, was excited to the heavens as he noticed that Christie liked him. In a space of three weeks, he asked her out! A new relationship began!
They were so much in love, or so they thought. They determined to pray daily. 
But after prayers, they would start kissing. The next day, they would come together again, start with forgiveness of sin and go right ahead to commit the sin! Christie who had been sexually active didn’t see anything wrong with that. Bro John felt that as long as they didn’t go all the way, God will understand. He felt Christie needed his attention and care to heal quickly from the obvious hurts.
As days rolled into weeks, desires also intensified. The more they met, the more they explored the more. One day, they went all the way. Christie actually wanted it thinking that it would somehow make her forget Ade quickly. Bro. John thought that would be the first and the last time, especially since it was his first time. But, they never stopped; guilt became multiplied in their hearts, dirty feelings mounted up after each episode.
They kept on acting in the fellowship, but somehow along the line, they became miserable in their hearts. They could not combine a lifestyle of sin with serving God. The overwhelming feeling of being lost engrossed them. From the dirty feeling, it graduated into actual confusion, they were no longer praying, rather they argued. Eventually, three months after they met, they had an altercation that ended it all.
Bro. John accused Christie that she was an agent of the devil sent to his life to destroy his testimony. He said he was holy before a Jezebel came into his life. Christie accused Bro. John of taking advantage of her, that he was supposed to counsel her but he had cancelled her!
Christie went ahead and reported Bro John to the leadership of the fellowship and they were both suspended from the fellowship. The president who was once interested in Christie was livid with anger. 
He told Bro. John that he was an embarrassment to Christianity! Christie and Bro. John faced the music and later returned to the fellowship. The saga continues…
Here are the mistakes
1. She began another relationship with a wrong purpose.
2. She didn’t deal with the illegal soul tie established between her and Ade.
3. There was no accountability to mentors or pastor, whatsoever.
4. They didn’t get to know themselves sufficiently before they started a relationship.
5. She started a new relationship too fast. 
6. She never got healed of the wounds and hurts in her former relationship before venturing into another. 
7. Bro. John never resisted the devil. He just cooperated all the way. His motive was not genuine and deep rooted in God.
8. They began a relationship without accountability. They pretended and acted along.
If you see recurring decimal in your own relationship, pause, ponder and make amends. Seek help and don’t suffer in silence.
May God grant you understanding.
I am not disobedient to God. 
Pray that God will give you wisdom
“In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths”. (Proverbs 3:6 KJV)


  1. This is a very common mistake in the church and it starts from a brother counselling a sister or a sister counselling a brother. I think when we as the church of God address this issue, then we would avoid mistakes like this in the church.

    This is exactly what me and my sister were talking about today.

    May God help us.


  2. Hmmm I agree wit u harobed I believe sisters should counsel themselves and brothers shuld counsel brothers aswell.Even when they go out to envagelist sisters must go together (must be in 2s or 3s )brothers too go together. My friend once tld me hw she went to evangelise and was invited into d person home and then temptation crept in but din't fall thank God. We Christians need to be careful and not allow the devil to dwell in our lives.


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