CHRISTIE & ADE FELL IN LOVE: The lessons and the mistakes

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The article you are about to read was written by Pastor Dunamis Okunowo of the Shouts of Grace Center, Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria. He and his wife are the facilitators of the Kisses and Huggs Club. Find out more HERE

Ade was from a Christian home. He has never been born again but he was a good guy and tended to be moralistic On the other hand, Christie was a church girl brought up in the ways of the Lord. Gaining admission into the University at the tender age of sixteen was somewhat a joyful experience for her and her parents. They were confident that their daughter would do well on Campus, just like she promised them.
Ade and Christie met on Campus. They were good friends, nothing more. They read together and attended tutorials together since they lived in the same area. Christie had been warned by her parents not to get into any relationships until she was past twenty-one years of age, and of course, she should have nothing to do with an unbeliever. Ade tried asking Christie out from the second week they met, but Christie reeled out all the rules she was meant to follow and gave Ade a resounding ‘NO,’ moreover Ade was not born again.
But over time, something began to happen. Ade was eighteen and Christie was seventeen. As they did things together, Christie began to see that even though Ade was not born again, he was a good guy. He was so caring. He was the definition of a gentle man. The only thing was that Ade drinks and smokes, but well, never in her presence. Christie even loved the fact that he was sincere with her. Christie made up her to ‘change’ him.
At around the same time, the president of the fellowship, which Christie attended, was asking her out, but she never liked him. He was just not as caring and gentle as Ade!
Ade liked the fact that she was going to change him. He began to act like he was listening, but he never left those habits. He began to tell her that he needed her help to leave the habits and that he knew he would leave them with her help. Christie took that as a challenge and began to see him daily, ‘mentoring’ him and teaching him the things of God. She became an emotional nurse!
As they connected daily, looked into each other’s faces, laughed together, sat together to read, walked together on the road, Christie began to fall in love! She would pinch herself, read scripture to herself, but the more she saw Ade, the more she fell for him. Her resolve to say ‘NO’ began to weaken.
Ade knew how to play his cards. He told her that even though they were good friends, he would have wanted to marry her because no other lady would ever be like her in his life. This further disoriented Christie. She even began to spiritualise the whole thing and that God must have sent her into Ade’s life.
Ade went a step further and said he would never disrespect her decision, and that he wanted her permission to start seeing another girl, since they were just going to be friends. Christie was further destabilized and she could not accommodate the fact that she was going to lose Ade.
One day, Christie was in Ade’s room and Ade had just flustered her with some gifts. He sat beside her and Christie’s heartbeat gathered race. As they talked about different things, Ade pretended he didn’t know what was happening to Christie. Christie could no longer hide her feelings, she looked into his eyes and told him, ‘I love you.” With that they embraced, and Christie wanted a cuddle and a kiss badly, but Ade stood up, patted her on the shoulder and said, you are not supposed to do that! Christie was further fallen in love! This is a god guy!
This further ‘finished’ Christie! Ade was protecting her. This is the man! Her defence was down, she abandoned herself in Ade’s hands, and trusted him a hundred percent. As a matter of fact, she began to look for some display of affection. Christie stopped reading her Bible and Ade became her Bible. Christie began to treat God as her Ex!
Eventually, they started kissing. It was Christie that initiated it. That was all she wanted, a kiss, but that was not all Ade wanted. From kissing they went further, until Ade de-flowered her. Christie wanted to stop, wanted to scream, wanted to stand up, wanted to run away, but Ade’s firm grip held her down. The gentle mien of Ade became a resolute one at that point in time!
She cried and wept because she had disappointed her parents and God. Ade apologised and said it was the devil! He promised her it would never happen again. But the very next day, it was Christie that went to look for him and then it happened again. They were illegally bonded at a higher level and Christie was confused.
After a while she became so possessive of Ade and would not want anybody around Ade. Ade enjoyed it.
Christie got pregnant thrice and aborted. Her parents would never believe what she was going through!
Eventually, Christie came to her senses and re-dedicated her life. Ade simply left her and moved on to get another victim. Christie regretted her actions, but the deed was done.
Christie later got into another relationship, with a Christian brother this time around, and the story continued. What happened in her new relationship with a Christian brother? You don’t want to miss it, and we will continue with that story tomorrow. But before we go today, here are the mistakes Christie made.
1. She made friendship with an unbeliever.
2. She was too young for a relationship.
3. She resolved to change Ade. She was not the Holy Spirit.
4. She started going to his territory, his room.
5. She stopped fellowshipping with God.
6. She eventually compromised because she trusted a wrong person. You don’t trust an unbeliever for anything!
7. She did not seek help.
If you find yourself making similar mistakes, it is not too late to seek help and make amends right now!
I am focused on the things of God.  I am not confused.
Pray that God will help you to step out of traps.

Proverbs 7:23 (NIV), “till an arrow pierces his liver, like a bird darting into a snare, little knowing it will cost him his life”.

Pastor Dunamis can be reached on  +234 802 350 7395

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