Lighthouse Abuja Devotional

Monday September 12 2016
Image Source: zazenlife.com

“For if you live according to the flesh, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live”.
Romans 8:13 (NIV)

It is not arrogance or pride for an eagle to soar high above other birds and refuses to be found scrambling for grains among chickens; it is simply its nature. In the same way, it should not be strange for you as a believer to operate from and live continually on a higher plane than those who remain unbelievers. 

In the context of our study there are two planes of existence and one must live in one or the other, there is no in-between. These are the plane or level of the spirit and the plane of the flesh or unregenerated human nature.
For you as a believer to be living and walking in the flesh, guided by natural impulses rather than by the Spirit of God via your human spirit is akin to an eagle foraging for food on the ground with chickens! You have been called to soar in the spirit and not to wallow in the flesh. To do anything contrary is tantamount to denying your very nature and identity. So how do you ensure that from now on you begin to take your place and soar in the spirit? First things first.

First of all, you must shed unnecessary weight, spiritually speaking of course. In the days before airplanes, when hot air balloons were still much in use for purposes other than recreational, sand bags were placed in the basket and as the balloon was filled with air, the bags were dropped to enable the whole thing rise higher and higher.
You cannot soar in the spirit if you insist on clinging on to fleshly things that will hold you down. These things may or may not be sins (Hebrews 12:1) but they must be discarded or else you will be bound to the ground. Nobody, not even God, will do this for you. He has empowered you to do it so you must shed them yourself. Maybe it’s something you think you just can’t live without, maybe even just an ‘innocent’ indulgence. Of course if it’s some sin, you should know that you are the policeman of your own heart and life and you must show zero tolerance for sin in your own life. It’s not always easy but if you are sincere about it, His grace is both available and sufficient.

Secondly, you must develop the ability to approach situations not in the natural but in the spirit. What do I mean? Picture this scenario: you’re talking with someone and the person is trying to convince you to get involved in a particular business or venture. You have two options here: you either focus entirely on the facts of what the person is saying and make a decision based on that; or you could listen to the person quite alright but all the time making a deliberate effort to check your spirit for a leading one way or another. Responding in the second way is walking in the spirit.

Don’t shut the Holy Spirit in you down when you’re done with your ‘daily devotion’ and attempt to live life in your own human strength. He is called to come alongside to help you in everything you do every single day. Form the habit of being conscious of this and always seek to know in your spirit, what to do in any situation. It doesn’t mean you must stop to pray every time you need to make a quick decision; it just means you need to maintain constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit so that you can discern His leading as you go through the day.

You have been called to rise above the fray, to be an example to others of the life God intended that man should have from the very beginning. It is the way God designed you to function, living any other way amounts to a deviation from the original intent of the Father. However you have a part to play in this or else you will be an eagle with powerful wings but who never spreads them to fly. The Holy Spirit, God Himself, living within you is for more than speaking in tongues. God put His Spirit in you so you could rise to the level He designed you.

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