So on Saturday I went to braid my hair at my usual customer’s place, I’m not a fan of weaves so I usually braid my hair except for once in a blue moon occasion like a wedding(where I have to fix); that’s if I’m going to be a bride’s maid. 

When they were almost done with my hair; a lady walked into the salon; she wanted to make dreadlocks. As one of the salon girls was about starting her hair, the lady asked her, “Madam, are you nursing a child?” The salon girl said yes, but my baby is breastfeeding. The lady then said “you cannot make my hair, the hair will cut”; that anyone pregnant, breastfeeding or nursing a child cannot make her hair because it would cut except if the child was already walking.
In my mind, I was like what, what type of thing is that? Why is your hair opposed to anyone bringing forth life? In fact, how did she know the salon girl had something to do with a child (because she wasn’t even carrying a baby; neither was there a baby in sight).
I kept thinking to myself did she do a ritual or a sacrifice that she was warned that anyone pregnant or nursing a child should not touch her hair? 
Anyone that watches Yoruba movies would immediately feel some way about this, or maybe I watch too many Yoruba movies, lol.
If you watch Yoruba movies, you would see all sorts, there’s always a sacrifice to be carried, there’s always a baba to visit, lol. Whenever I watch a Yoruba movie, I keeping asking myself are all these things real, do they still happen? But I’ve come to realize that as long as it’s being played on TV, then it must really be happening.
Anyway, back to my original gist, maybe it’s just her own fetish, people have a different fetish, and if you hear some people’s own eh, you will marvel. I personally do not have a fetish (Praise God), not saying anyone that have one; that something is wrong with them oh, I’m just saying. 
So over to you; do you find such things (like the one I narrated above) strange? 
Do you have such similar beliefs? Or have you ever experienced/heard something just as weird? I would love to hear all about it. 
Thank you for reading.


  1. Lol this is a very funny story eh. Really I support you Damola, if I was in that salon as a hairdresser I won't touch her at all sef. Why would one be anti-life?! 😲⁉⁉❓❔


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