Some few weeks back, I was chatting with one of my friends; a guy, in the course of the chat he asked when he could come visit me, I said ah No oh you can’t come to my house. He was like why, I said if you come to my house now; my parents will start thinking you’re a potential husband. 

You can imagine the laughter that erupted, but honestly that’s the truth. He then told me of an experience he had when he went visiting a friend (she’s a lady) and the mum started telling him of how she (the mum) liked him but she would have to take his name first to a prophet (that’s a topic for another day). Imagine oh, they aren’t even dating, they’re just friends but simply because he paid her a visit her mum concluded they were dating. 
Unfortunately this is just the struggle of most ladies here in Nigeria (I can’t say for other parts of the world though). I can’t bring male friends to my house because I don’t want my parents to start thinking I have something to do with the guy. 
That’s how one day, a Sunday actually; a friend from church came to my house to get something from me and my parents were questioning me few days later whether I and the guy were dating, it was so annoying because at the mere sight of the guy, my mum was already angry. 
It’s a pity actually, I then wonder when some parents complain that their children are not free or open with them, really how can we be free when you misjudge our every move. 
On the one hand it’s funny and at the same time annoying, when growing up as a lady, you aren’t allowed to have male friends, and then all of a sudden when you are grown they start asking where is your husband? How are we to have the husbands if we can’t have male friends? 
Anyway anytime I’m to see a male friend, I always met them outside my house, most often at an eatery. Unfortunately it will remain that way, until I finally met the one.
Dear parents please lets be free with you, allow us bring our friends home, isn’t it better to know who are friends are? At least that way, you can sure who we hang out with; and when we bring them home, please no need for the husband screening committee, (lol). Don’t think any guy you see around us is a potential husband or a present boyfriend. It’s possible to have male friends and not be emotionally attached to them. 
If you’re a lady do you face this same challenge? Or as a guy, have you being in this situation before? I would love to read your comments. 
Thank you for reading; God bless you.

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