I’ve noticed with utter dismay; the way people fight, argue and insult each other on social media. I honestly don’t understand it. I see it in the comments section of facebook, Instagram, and blogs. You would see complete strangers insulting themselves simply because they do not share the same views or opinions.
I believe social media is an easy means for communication; unfortunately, social media has turned people to mini devils. I don’t know whether it’s the economy, but the rate at which insults start flowing leaves me bewildered. 
For crying out loud, these are people you don’t even know; but we hide behind our phones and systems to rain curses on someone you’ve never met. Just imagine that person is your next door neighbour, friend, colleague, or imagine the person could be your benefactor tomorrow. There’s a proverb that says (paraphrased) “Do not throw stones in the market because you don’t know who it’ll hit”
I strongly believe that when we see these people, we won’t be able to insult them to their face, but social media has conveniently given us an anonymous platform to do wrong things. 
Another thing that bothers me is the way, some people insults celebrities. Social media has brought them closer to us, so it’s easier getting across to them, but the rate at which people insult them freely is bad. They’re human beings and they too have feelings. They can also get hurt. 
This attitude of insulting people online is not right, you can pass across an information/make comments without resolving to insults. The fact that someone doesn’t agree with what you said doesn’t make him/her an enemy. 
Please let’s be considerate of how we treat people, whether you see them or not. 
Ask yourself what I am about to type or say; if it is said to me, how would I feel? What impact would it make to the person I’m directing this to? 
If you’re in the habit of insulting people online, kindly desist from it, social media shouldn’t make us manner less and rude individuals. 
May God help us all.
I would love to read your comments concerning this issue, I appreciate you for reading.


  1. Hmmmm this social media fight is no small thing at all oh. Sometimes it seems funny but it actually not. I believe it is only jobless individuals that would be involved in social media fight cus someone busy in the office won't even have time for social media talk more of fight sef…


  2. This place called the internet.. Sigh… You have said it all really but the reality remains that it will still happen and if I might add it will get worse unfortunately. The internet has given people the ability to take on different personas and do what they like. One just has to learn to unlook and ignore


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