The article below was written by my good friend Pastor Segun Abe on his facebook page. It’s so enlightening and profound I decided to share with you guys. 
I am posting this, believing it can help matured and reasonable Guys out there, to genuinely stay close and closer to that woman of Vision that they feel a strong compatibility with. Don’t just know this to ‘toast’ her, but to be her human pillar; one that makes her an envy of other females one year after saying Yes to you. 

(1) She has toasters…Lots of Toasters: Ladies who are doing something Visionary are easiest for guys to love. Why? They so resemble an Asset to the Kingly minds of Guys. That’s why guys ‘rush’ them, especially for marriage. So, next time you meet a Lady Visioneer who’s Single, please don’t try to impress! For her to be single despite the avalanche of Guys with money, cars and great looks, then there must be something else she needs added. Don’t flash what others have flashed. If at all you’ll flash something, maybe your character of support, maturity and a Home maker. Such penetrates the heart God made in Women Visioneers.
(2) Women Visioneers can feel so insecured at times: Yes! I meant that. Why? Due to the effect they know some Men can cause in their life against the passion they so pursue, it makes them avoid many guys. They’re not wrong though, because many Ladies have gotten ‘lost’ after marrying some kind of Guys. Your strategy: Never let her distrust your support, character and love. If she distrusts you somehow, her instincts will no longer respond to your emotional wish. You’re seen as a threat to her glory, rather than a Lover.
(3) Don’t rush her: This is one error plenty guys make. I know she’s pretty and great, but Bro, stop proposing on your first date! Stop Calling her phone every five minutes in first day of meeting. Stop acting as her ‘Boo’ because she smiled with you. Why? Firstly, it raises her suspicion than feelings of love; you look like a desperado! Secondly- There’s an instinct in women that can cause subtle rudeness to the new toaster whose heads and shoulders over her. Give her some space. Let her make guesses about you, before you unveil more desires step by step. Such births honor that makes her have higher regard for your person. 
(4) Be responsible towards her: One thing very few Lady Visioneers can refuse is a guy who is also carrying the burdens of her passion. It makes him look like the Husband she’s secured with. Help with some of her Vision bills. Make unrequested suggestions. Give surprise helps etc.
(5) Be different: Learn to give her life the other side she doesn’t have. Vision can so tie down a Visioneer’s mind to work…work and more work. Don’t come and add work to her life; she has too much already. What about Movies, fitness things, Church services, eating out, sports etc. Such adds a major spark to any life that has been one-sided.
(6) Don’t forget to invite me for your wedding!
Pastor Segun Abe is the President of Fragrance of Life Ministry and Host; School of Impact. The School of impact is a training purpose school, which inspires the discovery, the pursuit and the fulfillment of your God ordained purpose. School of Impact holds every Saturday at HOTEL DE HORIZON, Kandi Close by BANEX Plaza Wuse 2 Abuja at 3:30pm. Entry is Free.  Kindly visit the website HERE

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