This devotional is written by Pastor Dunamis Okunowo for KHC devotional. You can visit the blog HERE
There are some things you should not pray about. The answers have been laid bare within principles encapsulated in the scriptures.
There are people you fall in love with and the only reasonable thing for you to do is to disconnect from them. Don’t bother praying that God should approve your decision, which is clearly at loggerheads with the principles of God. 
God will not answer such prayers because He will not contradict His word.
Your career, business, marriage and purpose in life is not supposed to be your decision, but your discovery!
Here are the scenarios that don’t need prayers or fasting. Don’t waste your time on them.
1. When you are in love with more than one person at a time
There is nothing as confusing and as unwise than to fall in love with more than one person at a time! You will be disoriented, focus-broken and disorganised.
You will become deceptive in order to cover up. Then you will need to tell more lies in order to cover up the cover-ups! God has not called you to this kind of lifestyle, and there is no way God will answer you when you start praying in such state of heart. 
The first thing to do is to disconnect from both or all of them, because in reality, it could be one of the people you have fallen in love with, or NONE of them! But when you are asking God to approve what you have decided, something is wrong with that process and it doesn’t work that way! God is never mocked.
He already has a plan for you, His purpose for your life has been scripted and you only need to align yourself to what His plan is for you.
2. When you are in love with a married man or woman
If you have found yourself to have fallen in love with a married person, it will be good for you to also try and rise out of that love as soon as possible. 
When you are involved with a married person, chances are that you will soon be sexually involved, and that simply translates to adultery. 
God will never answer your prayers when your prayer is indirectly saying that person’s marriage should crash so that you can have your way! Adultery is a stupid sin, because you lose at the end!
Pro 6:32-33 (KJV)  
“But whoso committeth adultery with a woman lacketh understanding: he that doeth it destroyeth his own soul.  [33]  A wound and dishonour shall he get; and his reproach shall not be wiped away”.
The Message Translation puts it this way:
Pro 6:32-33 (MSG)  
“Adultery is a brainless act, soul-destroying, self-destructive;  [33]  Expect a bloody nose, a black eye, and a reputation ruined for good”.
3. When you are in love with an unbeliever
When you have fallen in love with unbeliever, it is better you run away from such a person. It directly violates the principles of God and it is not just going to work out. 
You can say you will convert him later, but you are not the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that convicts. You can say, he is so caring, he is this and that…but when the chips are down, an unbeliever is capable of doing anything because he is under an influence. Everybody you see on earth, is under an influence, and it can either be positive of negative! 
The reason you often find it difficult to leave such people is because you have been sexually involved. A soul tie has been established and it has to be broken in the name of Jesus.
A soul tie keeps you tied to a man or woman when in reality you know it is a wrong relationship, that will lead nowhere, that will jeopardize your relationship with God and that will bring regrets later.
If you are married to an unbeliever, pray and don’t give up easily, that God will touch your spouse. If you can pray enough for an unbelieving spouse, he or she will be saved eventually.
4. When you are in love with your Pastor who is married
This one may sound ridiculous, but trust me, it happens everyday, I am a counsellor! A lot of ladies fall in love easily with their pastor because he is anointed and they listen to him every time. 
It is so easy to fall in love with your pastor, but when a Pastor who is married has fallen in love with you as well, it is better and wise to leave that church as soon as possible, because if you don’t, you will ruin yourselves! 
By the time he is making advances at you, you should find another church! There is a difference between a hireling and a pastor! Don’t bother to pray that God should work it out! Are you praying that God should kill the Pastor’s wife?
If you have been sexually involved or manipulated by your pastor, leave that church. He might be a prophet or an apostle, if you are sleeping together, leave that church and leave that man! 
You say he is your spiritual father, he is married and yet you are sleeping together? He is not your spiritual father; he is your spiritual nemesis. Run away! Don’t bother praying. It is like both of you are sitting on a bomb, and it is better to disappear from that church! 
Don’t waste your time asking for His will. His will is clear, disconnect from such a relationship so that you not delay yourself in your marital journey!
5. When you are in love with an abuser
When you are love with one that beats you and then sleeps with you and you are not yet married, you don’t need to pray. You just need to pack your things and leave that guy alone! But Pastor, it is not easy! Okay, so it is easy to be beaten daily? And then be seen as a sex toy to satisfy the lust and the cravings of a depraved and insecure person who will not eventually marry you? Why subject yourself to such harrowing experiences? Common, free yourself as a bird and flee away! That is not God’s plan for your life!
You can only pray in this scenario if you are already married, because God’s first option is not always divorce!
I pray for you this morning and every area of your life where you need to make a discovery in other to please God, God will strengthen you in Jesus name.
In the name of Jesus, I still every storm in relationships and marriages and I ask God to surround you with His peace that passes all understanding!
I am wise and obedient

Lord, teach me how to discover that which you have prepared for me

Jer 29:11 (AMP)
For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome.

You can reach Pastor Dunamis on +234 802 350 7395

Kindly share your thoughts on this topic. Wishing you all a fulfilling week, God bless you.
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