I have noticed a very disturbing trend in this generation of ours. It seems there’s no more right or wrong, the line that differentiates between good and evil is very blurred now. No one knows the difference.

If a person behaves wrongly, and you call the person out, the next thing you hear is, don’t judge; In fact, that’s the most favourite word we use now “Don’t Judge”. I believe there’s a difference between judging someone and pointing out his/her wrong with the intention of correcting the person. Other favourite words are “Let me do me and you do you”, “mind your business”, “nobody is perfect”.

There are so many anomalies that we do now that we’re fighting and defending to look normal. It’s a pity some of the things we do, it doesn’t just make sense. We don’t like to be told the truth. We want to do whatever we like and not be corrected.

I just wonder what will be left for our children, i.e., the Next Generation. As the Bible rightly says, in the last days; “Men will be lovers of themselves”. It’ll be better if before we do anything, let’s weigh the impact it may have on others, our children and the society at large.

The truth is the burden of being a role model is huge; that’s understandable and I know we like to say “I can’t live life to please people”, (the truth is you shouldn’t) but; we should remember that we don’t live life in isolation; the action of one will hugely impact the other. Let’s not forget that.

You’re an adult, you CANNOT do what you like. Actions have consequences, don’t be naïve, you’re too old to be living in selfishness, saying I can do what I like. And if you’re a child of God, don’t forget that the actions of man (Adam) brought sin into the world, and the actions of another man (Jesus) delivered us from it. Be wise & use your time wisely. Many lives are depending on you to have sense.

But if as what you’re doing is alright before your maker then you’re good to go.

Another thing is, with this era of social media, we should be very careful of what we post today because the tendency of you regretting your today’s post tomorrow is very high.

I recently re-joined Twitter, and I was going through my previous tweets of three (3) ago and I couldn’t believe they were from me. I had to find a way to delete them. Unfortunately, whatever you post on social media cannot be gotten back.

I pray that God would help us to live more in the consciousness of Him and His word, living lives pleasing to Him. May God help us all.

I would love to have your views on this issue, kindly drop a comment. Thank you for reading.


NB: I’m by no means a saint, these are just my thoughts.




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