I had earlier relayed to you guys the struggle I had with acne and how the world didn’t let me rest with their plenty unsolicited advises, you can find the article HERE 
Well today, I’m happy to say my face is now smooth; it can compete with a newborn baby’s own (lol). 

You guys wouldn’t believe what I used; I used good old skineal and oil control pond powder which did the magic. 
One thing I realized from this whole journey and struggle is never follow the bandwagon, what works for one may not work for you. I was using what was irritating my skin simply because they were highly recommended and was working for other people.  
At a point when I noticed that my face wasn’t improving, instead I noticed it was getting worse, I decided to stop everything I was using and let the face breath; I did that for a week. Then I started using what was working for me before, which is skineal and oil pond powder.

I use to rub the powder and the skineal interchangeably on my face every day of the week, even to sleep.
Miraculously and surprisingly, my face started improving and all the pimples cleared. It honestly felt so surreal, I just couldn’t believe it.
Asides the skinneal and oil pond powder I used, I also discovered other tips.
There are some foods that we eat that propagates the production of acne, in my case; whenever I take milk, whether in tea or for cornflakes, all it takes is two(2) days and pimples would just pop out everywhere. Though its difficult I’ve stayed off milk. So be very vigilant of reactions that take place on your face (especially if you have an oily face) after eating some certain foods and avoid them like plague. 
I started using oil blotting paper which has a magical effect; it removes oil from your face without affecting your makeup. It has worked wonderfully well for me, so no more shine on my face, this has helped a great deal as I have a very oily face. 
The third thing I do is; not using the same soap I use to bath for my face. This means that I have two (2) bathing soaps, one for my face and the other for my body. 
I’ve shared the things that helped me, but it may/may not work for you. The thing is discovering yourself and your body; finding what works for you and stick to it. 
I’d love to hear your experiences on acne, and what you’re using to combat it. I’d also love to know your thoughts on this topic. 
Thank you for reading.

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