When I was much younger I wanted a fairy tale wedding, a bridal train of over 30, which will comprise of multiple flower girls, page boys, bridesmaids, confetti girls, jeez.

When I was much younger, I wanted a traditional wedding, held in a church, in a cream-colored dress with the longest train ever seen. 
Well, the idea for my dream wedding has changed, funny how people change. I guess with age comes growth, learning and experience. 
My dream wedding would have no bridal train/party except the best lady (who by God’s grace would be my sister); I have often wondered what the essence of having a bridal party is. Whenever I say this to my friends, they’re always like, you’re not serious; and times without number I have often asked, what really is the work of the bridal party? No one has been able to come up with their use. 
I have done bridesmaids duty for many of my friends that have asked, I’ve never turned down any (though I don’t believe in it) and I’d never. Let me gist you guys one funny story, some years ago I was to be a bridesmaid to one of my friends, and she asked us to wear open toe stilettos heels (I had never worn stilettos prior to that time) So I walked into Mango and bought a shoe that was on sale for 8k, took it home and started practicing how to walk with heels (LMAO). I can never forget the wedding day, my legs were on fire, and I couldn’t walk, whoever saw me that day would think I had leg problem; So asides the fact that, I don’t believe in having bridesmaids; I’m not interested in making anyone spend money that is not necessary. 
My dream wedding would be one without ASOEBI; I just hate the whole idea and concept. It creates a class structure which I don’t like at all; moreover, it’s a lot of stress, sourcing, selling/buying especially when the people are not paying. From the wedding I attended recently, Asoebi makes a wedding very stuffy. People would show up looking very complicated and stuffy. I want everyone INVITED to show up in their classic English wears, ready to have a good time. All those lace is just wahala. Moreover, the unnecessary amount of money people spend on Asoebiis sickening. 
My dream wedding would be a cocktail party for my reception with just my nearest and dearest; an attendance of nothing more than 100people (because I have a large extended family and I also want to be nice). I don’t believe in having the whole land at my wedding, it’s funny how people measure how nice/good the host/couple is by the number of people that attend their wedding. 
My dream wedding wouldn’t be held in a church but in a garden, with the sun gently falling on our faces, and Broken Roads by Rascal Flatts playing in the background; and both my parents walking me down the aisle.
My dream wedding would be me, walking down the aisle with no veil covering my eyes and no bouquet. Come to think of it what’s the essence of wearing veils? I honestly don’t get it. The thing is I’m not a traditional woman, I’m the one who challenges status quo and I definitely do not join the bandwagon. 
My dream wedding would be strictly by invitation. After seeing how rowdy and complicated Nigerian weddings can be; my sole wish and prayer to God is that I’ll have the wedding I want. I don’t want the rowdy, disorganised, marketplace wedding. I want a small crowd, I want to be able to look into the crowd and recogniseeveryone. I want to be able to cater to everyone INVITED. I don’t mind the traditional to be “Mo gbo mo Ya(this means attending a wedding, one wasn’t invited for) but the white wedding would be strictly by invitation, (asoebidoesn’t count oh). 
Though I’m the first born and it seems very unlikely that I may not have my dream wedding, but at least I’m allowed to dream. 
Let me end this post with a mushy mushy love quote, lol. “To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides” David Viscott.
I would love to hear about your wedding dream, kindly let me know in the comment section. 
Thank you for reading. 
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4 thoughts on “MY DREAM WEDDING

  1. So you don't want any asoebi, I am waiting for that, even for your mum's friends like older people?
    Anyway I get what you mean, I am not so sure I have a dream wedding but I think a destination white wedding is something I want to do, something very intimate. The traditional can be very loud and typical of an owambe party.


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