Few days ago, I was watching the Olympics. I don’t know how many of you have had the time to watch any of the games. So I was watching the Men weight lifting category and I learnt a few lessons I’d love to share with you. 

1.   The battle is won first in your mind. Every challenge/situation you face is first won in your mind. If you think you will overcome then you will, but if you think you can’t overcome, you won’t. I noticed that the demeanor and the carriage of a contestant affected the person’s output. If a contestant looked afraid/fearful most often than not he wouldn’t be able to carry the weight. Another thing I noticed was; the most confident contestant always performed better.
2.   Never show your Fear/Weaknesses. There was a particular contestant who never showed his fear. He had on a very confident look, there were times he failed to carry a weight yet he’s face never betrayed his emotions. Why is it important never to show fear? So no one would be able to trap you or predict you. If I know your area of weakness, it’ll be easier for me to get you.
3.    Pursue your dreams early. Don’t procrastinate; don’t put off your dreams till when you think you’re good enough. You never know how good you are until you start. In the competition, the youngest was an 18year old who carried all his weights, never failing at any. He may not win a medal, but in the next four (4) years, he’d be the one to beat. “If you want to make an easy job seem hard, just keep putting off doing it” Olin Miller.
4.    Don’t ever be too comfortable. You’ll never be a success if you remain in your comfort zone. I believe one of the fastest routes to failure is when you get too comfortable. Don’t get too comfortable with your level of success, if you do; you start taking things for granted, and being too laisser-faire. A particular when he was interviewed after the game said, “I was too confident and didn’t keep calm in the world championships”. 
5.    Never take anyone for granted, because someone looks so calm and small doesn’t mean they’re not capable of achieving great things. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Basically don’t look down on anyone, you just might be surprised.
6.    Always face challenges with a positive outlook. In my books, there’s nothing called impossibilities. If you’re positive about any unpalatable situation, the likely hood for you to overcome in that challenge is higher. No matter the outcome of a situation especially if it doesn’t happen the way you want, face it with grace. Face negative outcomes with grace. 
Guess what guys, remember I said “Another thing I noticed was the most confident contestant always performed better”, well indeed the guy who looked supremely confident throughout, won gold and not just that, he set a new world record.  He coaches himself and came to Rio without a coach. 
I’ll end this write up with this quote by Harry F. Banks, “For success, attitude is equally as important as ability”. 
Thank you for visiting the blog and for reading. I wish you all a memorable week ahead. God bless you.


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