I believe a lot of you have heard about the lecturer that was caught naked in a video. When I read about the whole incident to say I was sad it’s an understatement, I was like not again. This should be the second lecturer who has being caught red handed soliciting for sex from students in a few months. 

Apparently he had solicited for sex from the student and she together with her friends decided to set him up. 

I decided to check out his facebook page and what I saw there left me sadder, more unfortunate is the fact that he’s a Pastor. He’s facebook page is flooded with Christian quotes, bible passages and loved up pictures with his wife. I’ll tell you why I was sad, you don’t trespass and use Christianity to cover up. It’s funny the guy thinks he is being persecuted. 
No one knows whether he’s guilty or not, neither do I but appearing naked in a video is incriminating enough, and if you’re anything of a Christian example you wouldn’t appear in a video naked with a woman who isn’t your wife. 
People’s comments on his facebook page doesn’t even help matters, everyone kept saying he’ll overcome, that the devil is a liar, etc. But no one is asking him what he was doing naked in a room with another woman.
As a Christian not every unpalatable situation is persecution or a trial, God may allow some things happen so as to bring us back on track. Sometimes heaven has being trying to get our attention; but we are often carried away by religion to take notice, so the only way to get our attention and bring us to repentance is by exposing us and bringing our sin to the open. 
I believe what Mr. Lecturer should be doing is being sober, quiet and seeking the face of God, not boldly throwing in our faces his I don’t care attitude. 
One thing we should all take note of is; posting Christian quotes, bible passages on social media doesn’t make anyone a Christian. You’ve got to live the life expected of a child of God. The bible says “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven” Matthew 5:16. 
Another thing is we should stop putting men on a high pedestal and treat them like gods, every man is fallible. Don’t let any man no matter who that person is, take the place of God in your life. 
Lastly, as a child of God, don’t follow anyone blindly; discover God for yourself, because the day the person you’re looking up to falls, it may affect you drastically.  
I’d leave us with this scripture, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ” 1 Corinthians 11:1
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