So yesterday a very interesting event happened in the place where I work. It was like something coming out of a nollywood movie. There have been cases of car theft almost every month, it happened so frequently, it was already becoming sickening. 

So yesterday morning, while I was in my office, I heard the shouts of thief thief. I looked out the window and I saw security staffs running after a car. The vehicle drove so fast, I started to think, the driver would be able to escape. 
Before I knew what was going on, staffs who heard the scream started pursuing also, when I saw that almost everyone had gone in pursuit, I decided to go out and see what was going on. 
My people you needed to see, staffs running after these thieves, it was like a movie. The robbers wanted to abandon the vehicle and scale the fence, unfortunately one escaped, but we were able to apprehend the driver. The guy got the beating of his life, and he would have being killed if not for two angels who used their bodies to cover him. Their argument was; it’s better to keep him alive, so we could get information from him. 
Prior to yesterday, I had never seen something like that, where a thief would be caught in broad day light. I have never being an advocate of jungle justice, but yesterday; it’s sad to say I was part of those advocating for jungle justice for the thief. When I got home that night, I started feeling guilty that I was advocating for jungle justice. I had to ask God to forgive me.
You needed to see the crowd that gathered to catch a glimpse of him, he was beaten blue black, he even started bleeding from the head. I believe the anger and the frustration of the previous stolen cars got the better of people, cos everyone wanted to beat life out of him. 
Eventually the police came and took him away, much to the dismay of staffs. It’s unfortunate that people no longer have faith in the Nigerian Police, so they want to serve out justice immediately. What happened was, they had trailed the owner of the car from the bank (where he had gone to withdraw a huge sum of money). 
The owner parked his car and went away. These thieves opened the lock, checked the car for the money and were about to get away with the vehicle, when people who knew the owner of the car raised an alarm. 
One major thing I learned yesterday was; Nigerians still love each other. The way people who had no idea who the owner of the car was, yet chased these robbers was something else. Funny enough, it was even a non staff that helped track them down.
Another thing I learnt was; we have to be extra vigilant and more security conscious, wicked people are devising new ways on how to steal. May God protect us and our properties in Jesus name. 
Have you had a similar experience before? Kindly share with us. Do you advocate for jungle justice? Kindly state your answer and your reasons. I’d love to hear all about it in the comments section. 
Have a great day all. 

Photo Credit: Answers Africa

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