So a family friend of ours recently adopted a child and before we were able to see the child, I and one of my best friends were talking about it. I asked her what sex she thought the child was and she replied that it had to be a boy. I was shocked, I was like why does it have to be a boy, funny enough I was pretty sure it was a girl. 

You see, this family friend of ours do not have a child of her own, so my friend was like why would she adopt a girl? It just had to be a boy. 

When she said that, something struck inside of me. Are female children outcast, are they less important than the male child? Does that mean if someone had an opportunity to choose, would they be happier if they have male children, or would they just manage and thank God if they have a girl child? You know what beat me the most? It was a female saying this. 
I know of a couple whose marriage was at the brink of a collapse because they didn’t have a male child. You know people’s arguments are, who will carry on the family name, and I find that really funny. Once a child is successful, you’re celebrated; your name is celebrated. No one cares about your name or your gender; just make a difference with your life. 
People should be grateful for every child God gives them regardless of the child’s gender. The success/failure of a child has nothing to do with gender. I would rather have a successful female child than an irresponsible son. This issue of the preference for male children are ingrained in our society and it may take a while before this is no longer the case, but I believe we will get there. 
The issue of the sex of a child is solely in the hands of our maker, he gives everyone as he deems fit. Every child is a blessing from God that was brought to the earth for a purpose. It doesn’t matter your gender, the most important thing is fulfilling the purpose God brought you into planet earth and making a positive impact with your life. 

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