Is this what it feels like? I’ve always heard about it, but I never comprehended it. I never knew it felt this terrible. 
Now that I’ve gotten your attention, what do you think I’m talking about?
Well this is about the fact that I’ve not being able to write. Maybe what I’m experiencing is what they call Writers block. Honestly I’m not happy I’ve not being able to post anything on the blog for a while now. 
I’ve always had a flair for writing, so its kind of disappointing that I want to write but I can’t write.  
I don’t know if anyone has an advice for me, how I can get out of this state quickly. 
I’ll be anticipating your suggestions in the comment section.

4 thoughts on “???

  1. Someone once told me that to make writing easier start by keeping a diary or journal.
    You can also make it open for your readers to send in their own articles.
    Then I think maybe you should try reading more. I mean that you should probably read other writer's articles. That can give you more ideas.
    Then lastly don't wait for one mega topic or idea, just start from the little you have, it would surprise you what it would turn into.


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