This morning I read in the news the sad story of a popular actress. She and her husband got married less than six (6) months after they started dating. She announced her pregnancy on the 17th of July and on the 25th her husband wants a divorce and is also demanding a paternity test for her unborn child. 

This story made my heart drop. It’s so sad. Unfortunately, this is what my generation has reduced marriage to. People no longer respect the sanctity and the covenant of marriage. 
Marriage takes commitment and hard work; it’s not child’s play. It’s not a decision you make today then divorce tomorrow. NO. 
We should please respect the institution of marriage, once you marry someone, that person becomes a part of your history forever; especially when children are involved. I feel so sad for her and her unborn child. 
Whoever you marry will MAKE/MAR your life, so it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly. Marriage is a LIFETIME CONTRACT.

That been said, there are some situations that it’s advisable the couple separate, especially in the case of domestic violence or abuse.

I read from some website that the husband claims he wanted a traditional home but he wasn’t getting any of that. (As far as I’m concerned, that’s just an excuse). You see these are issues they should have trashed out when they were dating. This is the result when we let feelings and premarital sex becloud our judgment in choosing a life partner. 
Intending couples are to use the period of courtship to talk about what they want the marriage to be and iron out their differences. If the both of you do not agree on salient issues, its better you break the relationship than go ahead and get married. Each partner in a relationship has different views/opinions about life. We were all brought up differently with different parental upbringing and these differing opinions can cause friction in a marriage
That’s why it’s important you get to know the person you intend walking down the aisle with well enough. Pastor Bimbo’s book 165 questions to ask outlines the types of questions you should ask your intended.
Marriage is God’s idea and until we get back to Him for His intention and purpose for the institution, we will keep getting it wrong. I pray for every one of my single blog readers, that we will not make a mistake in Marriage in Jesus name. 

What are your thoughts? Kindly share them.

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  1. Hmmm what a sad story but it happens. Well to me marriage decision is not a day thing if u don't do what u are supposed to do in courtship n u shift it into marriage there will be trouble it's a process it can't be skipped or postponed selah


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