God wanted to boost Adam, and He gave him a wife called Eve. So also did Eve have a man to be of support to her. 
Hence, It is wrong for a person’s decline to be traceable to the moment he/she got married; something sadly common. The duties of marriage aren’t supposed to be “Anti-expansion” to your vision; rather they are to be “Pro-Expansion”. It therefore makes it ungodly to have an argument that your marriage duties are stalling your vision’s growth.
How do you avoid this? Marry a teammate-one who combines well with you in the “Game of Purpose”, and not just an opposite gender. Not every lady that winks at you can win with you, and not every guy that says Hi can take you high. If not, you’ll marry and similarly complain of how spousal duties are chaining your visionary progress!

Image Source: Planneedparenthood

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