Hello my people, long time. Today I want to talk about something that happened to me recently, which was very interesting. 
Earlier this year, I noticed a small bump just below my left breast, at first I wasn’t even concerned about it and I showed people I thought would know about it, but they didn’t; so I just let it out my mind. Until… 

One day I was surfing the net and somehow I stumbled into something similar. When I started reading; that was how I became afraid. Then I decided to see a doctor. 
Anyway,I saw a consultant; he was busy so he referred me to one of his resident (a female doctor). I was so happy he referred me to a female doctor, lol because I was told of some of the procedures. Though I noticed a male doctor was eager to see me. Anyway, during the consultation, after looking at the bump, she asked me to undress. I was shocked; that was the first time I’ve being asked to undress during a consultation. After I undressed, she started pressing my breasts looking for lumps; she checked both breasts, my armpits, nipples jeez. It was funny cos I was so self-conscious. Thankfully she found none. 
I was now imagining what if it’s a male doctor who saw me, so he’ll do all these? If it was a male doctor, I don’t think I’ll stay oh. I was now like no wonder the male doctor was eager to see me. 
After the check-up, I was told it was an auxiliary nipple and that it was nothing serious. I have the choice to either remove it or just leave it there. 
Recently, there has been an increase in the abuse of women in the hands of male doctors all in the name of consultation. I believe if we have more women in medicine, this abuse would be brought to the barest minimum and it would make people more confident in assessing medical care. 
Honestly speaking we need more females in medicine. That day in the consulting room, out of at least 20 male doctors, there was only one female amongst them. I believe that margin is too wide. I believe this disparity is due to the fact that, people expect you as a lady to be marriage conscious not career conscious and it’smost unfortunate that some people still believe that educating a girl child is a waste of money. 
I’d like to use this medium to please appeal to young women, if you have a dream to be a medical practitioner, please do not give it up, we need you. Dear parents if your girl child has a dream of being a doctor please encourage them.
There’s no one career that is strictly for a particular gender. Moreover, when you educate a girl, you liberate the nation. 
To all female doctors both practising and aspiring, I celebrate you. I’m super proud of the career you’ve chosen and may God grant you your desired end. 
Photo Credit: Dreamstime.com


  1. This is so inspiring I share in ur agreement for the need and thank God u didn't fall into the hands of a doc with the wrong motive I also use this opportunity to jail all female doc


  2. Great lady, am coming 🏃🏃🏃🏃 to join the female doctors gang, so that all this harassment and abuse can end…at least just to add my own quota ..


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