Temptations are part of life happenings. Whether you are a believer or an unbeliever, temptation is something we all need to face and of cause decide to overcome. 
Temptation is not really one if it doesn’t have the element of pulling you towards what you really desire. 
The source of every temptation is your flesh and of course the devil. God will never tempt you to do evil or hurt you, but yes, He can and will test you, usually to know what is in your heart.
The aim of every temptation is to take something out of you. Once you yield to the temptation, what follows are the consequences of the action.

Today, temptations that are sexual in nature is our focus and how to overcome them.
It becomes wise of us to recognize sexual temptations on the onset no matter how subtle they appear. Any lustful desire pulling you to fulfill its desire falls under this category.
Whether it’s a desire to masturbate, view pornography, kiss, engage in heavy petting and necking, lustfully looking at a guy or lady, touching in a sexual manner, sexual thoughts, etc, note that all sexual temptations starts first in a seed form. 
That seed is usually a thought. However, a thought gains access into the heart or mind through the eye gate, the ear gate, touch or your taste.
Once you can control what enters your mind through the various gates, you have mastered the important part to overcoming sexual temptations. 
The fact is that sexual temptations will always come. Since you cannot control every one’s action, you can’t control anybody, for example, what a lady out there wears. 
She may decide to go half naked. But you can control what your eyes and mind does with such a sight.
Also know that every sexual temptation seeks to destroy you, period. If you treat all sexual temptations this way, it will help you in dealing with them accordingly.
How to overcome sexual temptations
1. Do not take sexual temptations and advances with levity.
Don’t enjoy the thoughts, deal with them. Don’t assume you are strong enough or nothing can happen.
2. Nip all forms of sexual temptations in the bud. It’s easy to handle a sexual thought than to overcome an already compromised situation.
3. God’s word is your strongest source of strength to overcoming sexual temptations. Make sure you have God’s word in your heart richly.
4. Flee, literally all compromising situations. Don’t consider or calculate. Flee first, then reason later.
5. Avoid unnecessary closeness with the opposite gender that you admire and fits your idea of beauty or that you are attracted to.
6. Be bold in your resolve to say NO to sexual temptation in your heart first. Once your mind is made up, it becomes easier in reality.
7. Don’t deceive yourself. Be sincere and true to yourself.
8. Confess God’s word that particularly addresses the issue of overcoming sexual temptations especially if you easily find yourself struggling in this area. Do this as a background check before the temptation comes.
9. If you are in a relationship, set boundaries in your relationship to avoid sexual compromises.
10. Be in charge of what accesses your heart. Don’t watch pornography and then wonder why you have having sexual urges or thoughts. 
11. Be a spirit controlled believer. Be a word and praying Christian.
I will not yield to the flesh.
Lord, save me from the enemy’s traps.
Matthew 6:13 (KJV)And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen”.
This was written by Pastor Sophia of the Shouts of Grace Center Ibadan and co founder of Kisses and Huggs Club devotional (KHC). Know more about it HERE


  1. I must say this is well trashed out so explanatory dear great lady don't I think I should start writing books ur tots are deep n impactful don't waste it like a seed grow it n u will be surprise at what u will achieve sexual temptation has eaten so many pple m has broken homes and the truth is like u said it start from the mind. Great piece great lady.


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