This morning I read Matthew 10 vs 32-42. It’s such a powerful chapter but the verse that struck me is verse 39 it says, “Whoever finds their life will lose it and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it”.
 At first glance I didn’t understand what that scripture meant so I sought help. This is an explanation of the verse written by David A. DePra and it makes so much sense. I’m sharing it here because I know it’ll bless your life. His words are in quote. 
“Jesus says, “If you want to find your life, then lose it. But if you want to lose your life, then try to save it.”
This is the opposite of how human nature thinks. We think that to gain our lives we must save them. 

We think that if we let go of our lives that we will surely lose them. This is natural and understandable. But it is wrong.
To grasp WHY it is wrong, we must understand what Jesus means by the terms He uses in the above passage. What does Jesus mean when He says, “Lose your life?” What does He mean when He says, “Seek to save your life?” And why does doing each produce the opposite effect from what we expect?
Simply put, Jesus is talking about self-ownership. He is telling us that we must lose ownership of ourselves. We must lose control of our lives. All of that must die. It must be unconditionally surrendered into the hands of God. If we do surrender, then we will experience what real life in Christ is all about. We’ll actually experience resurrection in Jesus.
This issue is clearly a matter of OWNERSHIP. Who owns me? Have I staked a claim of ownership upon any part of my existence? Have I reserved for myself the right to have the final word regarding anything about myself? Do I operate under the spirit of self-ownership? If I do, then I am seeking to SAVE my life — seeking to OWN my life. I am on the throne, at least partially. I have set limits upon the access I will give to God.
“Losing my life for Jesus’ sake” means exactly what the phrase suggests: I must lose my life. This means that I don’t control it anymore.
Why? Because what we are talking about here has to do with man’s — and God’s — fundamental nature. Man was originally designed to be fully dependent upon God. God did not make man with any capacity at all to be independent. Therefore, when man declared his independence from God, he became something contrary to the original nature God put in him.
Anytime I decide to own myself, even along legitimate lines, I will LOSE what I’m after. I LOSE real life in Christ because I seek to save myself through my own efforts.
The greatest sin a Christian can commit is to seek to save himself. Why? Because by doing so, I actually deny Jesus Christ. I seek to salvage myself for my own ends. This is the very essence of the sin of Adam! It is what God is delivering us from. No wonder Jesus says that the end result is that I will LOSE the very thing I seek to save through my own efforts”!
What this means is that losing my life means losing complete ownership of my life to Christ, trusting Him fully to follow every step of the way. This also means that following Christ will not be a walk in the park, I should expect challenges, even from my family. I should be ready to carry my cross and follow with looking back. We’re on planet earth because we’re here to fulfill a purpose, so we’re to live our lives for Christ alone cos He’s the very essence of our lives. Losing our lives means being ready and willing to lose everything in order to follow Christ. Following Christ will make you very unpopular, but it is important so we can gain the most important thing which is Eternal Life in Christ.  
I love for reading, thank you for stopping by. God bless you. Hit me up at the comment section, I can’t wait to hear from you. 
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Thank you.

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