“Before you say something insensitive to anyone about the pimples on their face or give some unsolicited advice on how the person can get clear skin…read this! Everywhere I went (Bank, eatery, events etc) people (mostly strangers) would walk up to me to prescribe all sorts, from urine to sperm to facials to special soaps and concoctions. If you see someone with acne, please mind your business, especially if you’re not close to the person. It’s very frustrating to have conversations about your own face with total strangers every day”.

This was a quote taken from a post on @gbemioo Instagram’s page. When I saw this, I was like so I’m not the only one who experiences and feels this way. Anyone who knows me knows my face is filled with lots of blessings (spots) and it has made me very self-conscious. It’s hard enough looking at the mirror cos the more I do, the more depressed one can get. 

Everywhere I went, people kept asking me what happened to your face? What are you using? Offering different solutions, it all got so tiring, at a point I didn’t have an answer anymore. Just imagine, one day in my Oga’s office some group of men(strangers) were arguing about what’s going on my face and one said it’s cos she’s on her period. I was so embarrassed. 
One day in the market I met a woman who I used to know, as usual, she asked me what’s going on my face, I just simply said it’ll go. She took my number and called me later in the evening. She asked do you have Olive oil? I said yes. She then said I should read Psalm 18 into the oil and leave the oil outside overnight and bring it back inside before dawn. She then said I should use the oil on my face twice daily that after a week, my face would be smooth again. Honestly, I had to ask myself why do I have to leave the oil outside overnight and take it before dawn (doesn’t that sound like a ritual?).
One thing I’ve realised about my face is that all the creams and solutions people kept proffering to me only made the acne worse. Ever since I stopped all the nonsense I was applying, the spots started clearing. 
The type of advice and solutions I got during this pimples journey made me wonder the type of unsolicited advises people who are looking for children would be getting every day. 
What is the point of this article? It’s simple. Please keep unsolicited advises to yourself; don’t give them when you’re not asked especially when you’re not close to the person. Before offering unsolicited advises, put yourself in the shoes of the person you’re giving the advice to. 
If you must give an advice even if you’re close to the person, don’t do it in the public sphere, let it be private. 
I already know my face is not smooth, you don’t have to keep reminding me, my self-esteem is already suffering, don’t add to it. Can you just forget about my face and move on? 
Moreover, my beauty mustn’t be according to your specifications. 
I love to hear from you, kindly share your thoughts. God bless you. 

Photo Credit: Dreamstime.com


3 thoughts on “LEAVE MY FACE ALONE

  1. When the person becomes close it's okay to advice once in a while (some of d remedies may have even worked for otha ppl sef) Some pple actually care.


  2. Bored girl you are not alone in this oh… I remember when I was writing a test in school, (test oh) and one of my lecturer came to me and started asking me questions about my face. For heaven sake I already know that the fact is not smooth you don't have to remind me of it. To say the least I failed that test. I'm not blaming the lecturer for failing the test but haba fa during a test again….it actually annoying.


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