I don’t know how many of you suffer from dysmenorrhea or in lay man’s English, menstrual pain like I used to. I started suffering from dysmenorrhea from 2004 and its being a terrible experience. After many years of trying different drugs and methods, my sister told me to try the method; I’ll be bringing to you today. 

This to me is the easiest way to get rid of menstrual pain. Take fruits every day, that’s it. Make sure you take at least one fruit every day. It doesn’t matter which, it may be orange, apple, banana, carrot, guava etc (carrot especially is very helpful). I started this experiment just a week from when I saw my period and like magic I didn’t experience the usual excruciating pain that normally comes. 
At first I had a little discomfort, but that was just it. I didn’t have pain again. It happened like magic, I was shocked. I attributed the discomfort I felt to the fact that I had only taken fruits for a week till the almighty visitor came unexpectedly. 
Some may say fruits are expensive, but where I stay 3 small apples sell for two hundred naira(N200), I take one everyday or just buy fifty naira orange(N50) everyday. The week you’re expecting your menses, take more of carrot and banana. 
I wanted to try the method before telling you guys, so coming from a veteran of dysmenorrhea, this natural method works. Asides taking fruits, whenever you can take walks; no matter how short, trek whenever possible, do exercises(if you can). Drink lots of water especially warm water. Don’t take drugs on an empty stomach, whenever you’re on your period please eat well. Take egg too, it help the blood flow better. 
I hope you’ll try this few tips if you suffer from dysmenorrhea, or if you know someone that suffers from it, kindly pass it on to them. If you do try this method, please do give me a feed back on your experience. 
Thank you for stopping by, I love for reading. Don’t forget to share and comment. God bless you. 



  1. madam,

    i read this post to find a solution to my unbearable menstrual pain.i always take painkillers.

    i work in a prestigious multinational company. we are served lunch with side fruit everyday and my pain hasn't reduced(not even 0.00000001% reduction).


  2. Sorry to hear that dear. I believe we have different body reaction to things. I normally take injections whenever my period start(to tell you how severe menstrual pain was) but since i started this fruit therapy, no more pains.


  3. I would like to point out some few things:
    ✔first I think the quantity of fruit should be put into consideration, you don't expect to take half an Apple or one orange or a small chunk of watermelon a day and you expect a change. It really doesn't work that way.
    ✅Next I think consistency is a great key. I would ask when you started the fruit therapy.
    ✔Also constant exercising is very essential.
    ✅I will also like to add diet. What is your sugar consumption level? How is your diet like?
    ✔Lastly I would like to add that everyone has a different body make and so treatment for one maybe quite different for the other.


  4. I would say what type of fruit do you consume. For me I take two oranges a day or an Apple a day or few mangoes a day. For my sister, she prefers carrot which is also very good.


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