An interesting event that happened recently in Nigeria made me to know that a lot of people especially the younger generation have an entitlement mentality.  If someone decides to help you, please know that you’re privileged and not entitled to anything. The survival of anyone is in the hands of God and NO ONE owes you anything.  

It really baffles me that people are looking for free money. Successful people worked hard for their business to get to where it is today, so don’t expect to get anything without working for it.
From comments I read concerning this interesting event, It appears to me, that my generation is not ready to put efforts at anything or work hard, we’re just looking for the easy way to make it big. Success is not cheap, neither does anything good come easy, we should be ready to work hard and be patient enough until our time comes. 
I feel like we should endure the process, and be able to see the big picture. The truth is the process/road to success may be long and hard, but if we keep at it, success is sure. The truth is you’re the one looking for something, so no matter what you face, you look beyond the now and face your goal.   
Now this brings me to the issue of gratefulness. The truth is, in life we need people. Relationships are the key to success, your success will depend greatly on the richness of your relationships, and being grateful is an excellent way to sustain relationships.  If someone comes to your aid at any point in time, we need to show gratitude irrespective of how you feel towards the person. 
Even if you think you deserved to be helped and you’re not helped, please don’t be angry and don’t take it to heart. It simply means that your destiny is not tied to that person. So move on, don’t be bitter, that help you’re looking for will locate you at the right time. If you have being helped, kindly carry on that baton, help others too and the world will be a better place. 
I love you for reading, thank you for stopping by. If you have any thoughts, kindly drop a comment, God bless you.
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