So I saw this picture on @instablog9ja, and to say I was pissed is an understatement I was angry.  First and foremost, her friends already had plans to go see a movie, why then should the guy be the one to pay for it. Being a lady doesn’t make you helpless, you should be able to do things for yourself, a guy shouldn’t have to be the one to take you out all the time.

Right from when I was serving, I take myself out at least once every month, and not to local places oh, correct expensive places (lol). I go to the cinemas myself, I don’t wait for a guy before I go see a movie. Honestly it baffles me why some ladies like “osho” free, ordinary fried rice and chicken they cannot buy for themselves, a guy must be the one to fund it. 
One of my best friends, a guy once asked me why I spend on myself and I answered why not??? He then said local champion no fit marry me (LMAO). When you value yourself, no one would treat you anyhow. 
I think its double standards when ladies find it difficult taking themselves out or spending on themselves and will be demanding for gender equality. We’ll keep fighting gender inequality until ladies learn to take responsibility for themselves, your survival is not dependent on any guy only God.
I honestly won’t be surprised if the lady stopped seeing that guy, honestly that guy tried, he even showed up. I can’t for the life of me imagine why a lady would take her friends along with her on a FIRST DATE. It’s just wrong.
Dear ladies that mentality of looking for free things from guys must stop. Stop looking for free things, don’t collect things from a guy you want nothing to do with. Don’t be out to spend a guy’s money when you know you don’t like him, you think say na sense, (everyday for the thief one day for the owner). 
Also, if you’re going out on a date with a guy don’t take your friends along(if you’re to bring friends let them come with their own money), if you don’t trust the guy enough, why agree on a date, or better still go to an open place. We ladies should stop putting pressure on a guy’s finances, if you think a guy is cool by how much he spends on you(except of course what you look out for in a guy is the size of his pocket), trust me you’ll most definitely get the wrong guy. 
My rant is over (lol), have a great week everyone. 
I love you for reading, thank you for stopping by. If you have any thoughts, kindly drop a comment, God bless you.

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