Gem INITIATIVE, an NGO owned by Gem Publications launched a mobile app called my Cupid. It’s basically a relationship & texting app but it has a core feature that works as a domestic violence alert system. This is called Abby’s Line.

Users of the app can register on it and save numbers of trusted contacts. Once the app is activated during a domestic violence emergency, it sends a text message to all the saved trusted contacts and security agencies dealing with domestic abuse.
This was done because of the growing rates of deaths due to domestic abuse and hope that this world help save lives. 

I’ve downloaded the app and asides being a tool to fight domestic violence, it’s also a great app for texting especially when you don’t know what to write in a text message. It also contains useful relationship materials. I’ll urge us all to download it.
To download the app and use the app on your android phones, visit Google play store, search for My Cupid and install. Please leave a review as well so it can be improved on. 

Thank you for stopping by I love you for reading, if you have any thoughts, kindly drop a comment. God bless you.

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