I copied the following from @gaisebaba instagram page and I thought to share.
My heart bleeds for this generation. 
Where sex is a requirement for a relationship to work out

Where people have no regard for the marriage bed

Where God’s plan for sex is seen as stale
Where people go to bed before they go to the altar (even in the dictionary altar comes before bed).
Where parents encourage their children to get pregnant before they get married
Where those who still have their pride are seen as outdated and can’t be proud of their dignity
Where guys regard virginity as a “ladies” thing
Where sex outside marriage is in vogue
Where guys see sex as a repayment for the money they spend on a lady
Where sex is seen only as a physical act
Where you have to sleep with your partner to show you love him/her (outside marriage).
Where sex is a bait to get what you want
Where sex is the normal thing to do in a relationship
I look forward to a generation where our ideas about relationships and sex are right.

One thought on “WORD FOR THE DAY

  1. Amen o! This generation is smthing else only sex most ppl expect when u r in a relationship! Different harassment(esp women who choose to wait till marriage)face because of the “no sex matter”.As for me my silent or gentle treatment ways to show no interest r long gone, my tongue is so going to sting like a bee.


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