Written by Jerome Yaovi Onipede. 
I have met so many people who are into Relationships, but only met a few who are really happy in and with their relationships. I have met so many who wake me up in the middle of the night, because they can’t sleep and are losing their minds, and there is a probability that you are one of them.
I have also met many who since they got into relationships have spent so much money buying top-ups/phone credits that they use in quarreling over and over the phone, rather than talk over the phone, and yet when the Top-Ups/Phone Credit expires, they get more, and continue shouting on each other again. The relationship is going nowhere, but what does it matter; it seems they are enjoying it anyway, and they would rather keep it that way rather than be alone.

Do they stay together because by creative design, God has not made Man to be alone? Maybe, because through personal experience, I know IT IS NOT GOOD FOR MAN TO BE ALONE!

But then I know that a lot of people stay back in Relationships that are not making headways because before they got into that relationship, they had very boring lives, and won’t mind some DRAMA in it. At least the fact that they have someone they quarrel with, someone they can keep telling others about how badly he or she treats them, someone who they claim gives them sleepless nights, someone they have to stalk to know if he or she is cheating on them, someone they can hate for hurting them, etc. And while this is going on, they feel at least there is movement in their lives, and it doesn’t matter which direction they are headed, they feel their live is now filled with activities, and it does matter whether the activities are PRODUCTIVE or not. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Thriller, Comedy, Horror, Romance, etc. All that matters is their live is no longer as boring as it used to be.

Now, when you meet this kind of person, I advise you run, because if you don’t, the negative energy that they give out will soon begin to take a toll on you, and you might end up without a purpose in life if you had one before now. All you have to remember is that this kind of person you are with hasn’t got the same goal with you in life. Maybe you got into a relationship because you want to give love, while you expect back in return. Maybe you got in because you want the affection that comes with it, the ecstasy, the adventure, the joy, the grace, the new meaning it gives to life, etc. But then the person you are with may just want to fill a void, an emptiness, run away from loneliness, move his or her life from boring to DRAMAtic, and then YOU ARE DONE FOR, because he or she will continue to tell you that all relationships have their ups and down, and that when people quarrel so much in relationships like you are doing, it’s because they love each other so much. Well you may believe that, but I don’t.

When you are in a great relationship, even your friends will know, and can tell because they will see you happier than you use to be, you will smile more, dress better, love life more, blossom, grow, be open to try new things because you are not alone anymore, go to new places, find more interesting activities to participate in, etc. You can’t hide a good relationship; neither can you hide a bad one.

If you don’t mind all the DRAMA going on in your Relationship at the moment, despite the toll it takes on you emotionally, psychologically, financially, mentally and spiritually, then I sincerely advice you get counseled.

Relationships can be the best thing that has ever happened to you. I advise you make it so.

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