Last Sunday in church, while service was going on, I noticed something that happens a lot; I saw sweet wraps on the floor. The ladies beside me were licking sweets and when they were done, they threw the wraps on the floor.

I have no problem with licking sweets in church but throwing the wrap on the floor is all shades of wrong. Maybe because I love to keep my environment clean, that’s why I have a problem with this. But beyond that, I believe the house of God should be respected because even in our houses, we wouldn’t litter the place. 
The truth is even littering the streets is wrong.
Asides littering the house of God with all forms of dirt’s, the one that gets on my nerves is when people browse, or worse still be taking selfies while service is going on. Jeez to me that’s just so wrong and it’s a flagrant disregard for God I think we’re focusing too much on the externals. Imagine a worker in the church, checking Facebook during a service, the few hours we spend in church won’t kill you.
So many of the things we do in church, we wouldn’t dare do in the secular environment, just imagine you’re in front of your boss and he’s talking to you and you’re taking pictures or browsing. 
I may sound extreme right now, but I don’t think its right using your phone as a bible in church, my reason is you’re prone to distractions. You’ll be tempted to respond to the many messages or notifications you’ll receive on the phone. Whenever I’m in church, I always switch off my two phones, after church, I put it on, any call or anybody who wants to get in contact with you can wait until the end of service.
I think if you come to church and you’re browsing, taking pictures or editing them its better you just stay at home, because you’re losing out. You’re distracted and can’t get anything out of that service, except you came to church to show off your dress or find a boo. 
I’d leave us with this scripture Psalm 128:1, “Blessed is everyone who fears the Lord, Who walks in His ways”.NIV
What are your experiences in Church? Kindly share them, also share your thoughts on this topic?
Thank you for reading.


  1. am so behind you on this one. it is really getting bad. i think we should learn to have regard for God in his house. just some few hours out of 24hrs would not do harm if we spend it wisely with God without any form of distraction.


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