“el- hä iSHäh ämar har’Bäh ar’Beh
iTZ’vônë kh’ w’ hëronë kh’ B’ etzev Tël’diy väniym w’ el- iyshëkh’ T’shûqätë kh’ w’ hû
yim’shäl- Bäkh’ š”
Well, not to bore you, above is the Original Hebrew transliteration of Genesis 3:16, which explains the Curse placed on Eve after she and her husband ate of the forbidden fruit. 

Using the most direct meaning of few original words above, I wanna explain how any single lady can greatly limit possibilities of abuse, especially from her side. I will insert two key words into the English translation, to help you get what the original text meant-
“Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire (T’shûqätë: ‘To stretch after, as if a great longing) shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule (M’shal-Pronounced ‘Mashal, and where English got the word ‘Marshal’: To Commandeer or subject to undignified domination) over thee.”
(1) Many Ladies seem not to realize that Genesis 3:16 is a Curse!
(2) The Curse was that from the day it was declared, women will have marriage as ‘THE’ longing of their lives!
(3) A Longing isn’t bad, but reading the above again, “Your desire”, meant that she originally didn’t have ‘Men’ as her pursuit. That means God and His biddings to her were her original lover and longing.
(4) Eve never knew she was made for a man. She was only conscious of God. As she stuck in obedience to that God, she was brought to her man. 
(5) Due to having been with God and worked on, the man she was brought to was wowed by her ‘Helper’ capacity. Adam saw it as a privilege and couldn’t toy with this ‘wife material’.
(6) Point number Five above is God’s Pattern. God needs your heart, before a man should access it.
(7) Unfortunately today, people promise to serve God after He gives them a spouse; longing after marriage before Righteousness.
(8) The Curse therefore is that- ‘Now, you’ll long after Guys, rather than me’. The more you stretch after them for approval and love, the more they’ll ‘marshal’ you as an unimportant, yet intruding Being.
(9) Sadly, this is true with many. Her manner of Life, even to spirituality…is to get a man’s endorsement. Act well towards a man, but don’t live for their approval. Live for God’s approval. You’ll be amazed how valuable you’ll become everywhere.
(10) The woman Adam couldn’t refuse had been with God before being with him. The opposite will bring opposing results in Relationship. Carry God, before you carry romance. Be worked on by God, so you don’t get walked over by men.
(11) Men’s longing is for she who has the traits of his creator, and not she longing after an assistance. A Helper who’s droopy-faced looking for help, is a candidate for caricature.
(12) Guess what? Jesus has delivered you from the Curse! Now live original. Make God your longing. Trust me- He will then instruct you aright to his mate for you. Don’t long after men. Long after God, and see God long after your mate, Relationship, Marriage and home!
Written by Segun Abe

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