Arghhhhhhh, I’m really angry right now, as in eh I’m pissed beyond measure. Why are some men so entitled??? Like what makes them think they’re God’s gift to mankind.

I’ve noticed a veryyyyyyyyy disturbing trend. 
When men meet a lady who’s probably in her late twenties and upward they feel like when they ask you out they’re doing you a favour, it’s a very annoying thing.
Just imagine oh, this afternoon a guy came to see me, he had earlier asked me out (I told him I’ll think about it). He said he came to get my reply (ie after several months of no communication). Imagine oh this so called proposal was since last year and I didn’t even hear from him. 
Back to my story, I told him I wasn’t interested and the dude was shocked, (like very shocked) and he had the guts to tell me that it’s either I’m in a relationship or in love with someone else, that if I was truly single I wouldn’t say no to him. Imagine. 
I was really angry and I gave him the piece of my mind, dude had to apologise. The fact that I’m still single doesn’t mean I’d jump at any proposal or any man. Marriage is not an achievement, till I meet the one I connect with I’d stay happily single, I’m not even in a hurry to get hitched. 
He’s not the first guy to behave in this manner. The last one (after I told him I don’t want to be in a relationship with him) told me that my time is going oh, I should do fast before my time pass, well after I gave him the piece of my mind I deleted him from my BBM (no time). 
Dear men, when you propose to a single lady don’t start feeling you’re the key to her happiness or start feeling entitled. Moreover, it’s you men that actually need women in your lives. It’s the lady that’s doing you a favour. 
Dear Lady, no man is doing you a favour by asking you out, never forget that.
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5 thoughts on “ARGHHHHHHH

  1. anyway sometimes you wouldn't blame them, it's the fault of the society a society that looks at a woman as an item to be bought during a time frame after which it's all over for her mtchew


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