I wish I never came back home. Honestly it’s a decision I really regret. You see I use to work in Lagos, but my accommodation frustrations and the busyness of Lagos made me leave. 
My parents are in Abuja and as at then, my naivety and my inability to see the future made me leave.

My mum had gotten a job for me in a federal government institution and the comfort of home made me return.
Unfortunately for me it’s a decision I now regret.

You see my greatest mistake was not consulting God on whether I should leave or not. Then I wasn’t high on Christ, the way I am now. I based my decisions on the advises my friends gave me and the circumstances I was in then.  Moreover, my motive for leaving was wrong. My major motive then was to leave a place of stress and go to my comfort zone. But I have soon found out that, its only through unpalatable experiences that you can grow and learn your biggest lessons. 

My dear, never you take a decision (no matter how little or how big), without first asking God what his opinion is. The truth is if I had consulted God and He told me to leave (which I doubt very greatly) I will not be regretting it today cos I’d now that in the midst of a mess He’s always up to something. 

If I had stayed back in Lagos, I’m very certain my finances would have being wayyyyyyyy better than what it is now, the fact that I do not like my job, the freedom I would have gotten living outside home, the exposure and the maturity I would have gained, the fact that my parents are caging me now, not to add the insurmountable pressure to marry a certain guy who my parents picked out are reasons why I regret this decision today.

My refusal to marry their choice for me has come with a lot of consequences. My movement is largely restricted; my parents are seeing me as a rebellious person and treating me as such (imagine them always praying against the spirit of stubbornness in me), honestly it’s not funny, and I’m tired. Infact I’m crying as I’m typing this. 
My advice to young people especially ladies, if you leave home maybe for school, work etc please don’t return home, what I mean is this don’t come back to start living with them, largely you would regret it except you don’t have my type of parents(whose major goal is to see me married). It’s funny how parents want you to get married, but you’re not allowed to go out, where will you meet the person? Lol. 
Don’t get me wrong, I do not hate marriage (infact I’m a romanticist). The truth I someday want to be married, but to who my heart wants, not someone who is picked out for me. I want someone who I’m compatible with, not someone I dread. 
Yesterday night I cried myself to sleep; I don’t know how long this will continue???

Photo Credit: Dreamstime.com


  1. Wow! you gotta stop crying and stop wishing you never came back home my dear. The thing is, as odd as it may sound, God has a plan for you coming back home. There are certain lessons we must learn from every circumstance we find ourselves in, and I don't want you to be carried away with the wish of “never coming back home” such that this time'll pass without learning THE lessons. MUCH LOVE!


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